An image of Jenny Luu-Smith's book. Where is your smile on top of a white fluffy rug with a white unicorn and peach and brown puppy plushies. The captions reads an interactive book for babies. Where is your smile.
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Where Is Your Smile – The Happiest Book Ever!

Where is your smile? Do you know where your smile is? These words have been on repeat for the last few days in our home. And, oh boy! Does it make this mama smile?

A pic of Jenny Luu-Smith's book - Where is your smile in a circle.

Like most parents, my husband and I introduced reading from day 1 in both of our kid’s life. As they continue to grow, their love for reading grows with them.

From picture books to popcorn word books to chapter books.

We go through a lot of books!

Investing in books for our family is by far one of our greatest investments. And is one, we will continue to do #bookworms.

The benefits of childhood reading are endless.

As a mom, I enjoy reading to my kiddos because of the strong bond and lifelong memories we are creating.

The simple act of reading to our kids empowers them to be learners. To feel safe and be kind to themselves and others.

Reading allows kids to tap into their creativity.

And when you land yourself a good book. It helps you to find your smile!

Science has shown that the simple act of smiling can make you feel better even on your worst day. Because it reduces stress, makes you more approachable, and allows you to tap into your creativity.

Where Is Your Smile?

Do you know where your child’s smile is?

Is it…….?

To know where your child’s smile is? Grab yourself a copy of Jenny Luu- Smith’s book. Where is your smile?

Where is your smile is a cheerfully illustrated read based on the secret power of a smile. A smile that will support your child to embrace life with fulfillment and confidence.

As you read to your little one, you will keep her guessing as to where her smile could be. She would love when you question her as to where her smile is.

And I can guarantee that long before you finish reading to her, you will find tons of smiles from her.

You will also be smiling! Because it’s such a poetic book! Your child will be able to catch on to the phrases pretty quickly. And then, guess what?

That’s right! Your home will be like mines. Ever – so often someone is asking – where is your smile?

This playful book provides an opportunity to explore different body parts with your child as you tickle her toes, tummy, and behind her ears.

This book also allows you to explore different feelings with your child as it’s quite an interactive book. One of the happiest books out there today for babies and kids.

Why Do I Love This Book?

An image of Jenny Luu-Smith's book. Where is your smile on top of a white fluffy rug with a white unicorn and peach and brown puppy plush. The captions reads an interactive book for babies. Where is your smile?

As a mom of two. I know what it means for you to find books that are right for your kids. Books that will allow them to get their energy out while promoting social skills and interaction. Books that are fun, interactive boosting their self-esteem while allowing their imagination to mature.

You will get all of this and so much more from this book.

Where is your smile is beautifully illustrated with vibrant colors and bubbly pictures of a happy-go-lucky toddler?

A toddler that will inspire and bring so much joy to your child as he flips through the pages from this book.

This book is also perfect for young readers to read along with mom or dad. Or, in our case with an older sibling.

Our 8-year-old loves reading this book to her younger brother. Seeing my kids bond and share smiles over a book is one of those priceless feelings a mom can ever experience.

This book has helped us to create so many fun memories in such a short time!

It’s just one of those books that allow you to present with your child.

Should you add where is your smile – to your family’s reading collections?

This book is perfect for parents to be, new parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers.

Anyone surrounded by young kids, in all honesty.

A simple smile from you assures your child that he’s safe, loved, and secure.

Smiling at your child will also strengthen the bond that you both share. So why not?

Where is your smile? Is one of the happiest books you would ever read to your little ones.

You can grab your copy today from amazon. And to see what Jenny Luu-Smith (author) is up to. Follow her on instagram@glowingwithbaby or visit her blog at glowing with baby where she will guide you in building your dreams from the inside out.

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