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5 Ways Meditation Changed My Life (And Could Change Yours, Too!)

Not sure if Meditation is proper for you? Don’t think – it can transform your life? Here are five ways meditation changed my life and could change yours too! From radically reducing stress, cultivating resilience, achieving more while doing less, and stepping into the next best version of YOU. Those are some of the many benefits I’ve received from ZIVAONLINE.

This post was originally published 0n August 23, 2021, and was updated on March 16, 2022.       

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Have you ever overreacted to situations only to regret it later? Wished you had really thought before speaking? Or just kept quiet?

A few years ago (especially in my twenties), I immediately reacted to any situation. Only to be left feeling overwhelmed minutes later. I pushed myself really hard to be successful. Felt trapped in the comparison game. Wanted more out of life. Didn’t find value in the more minor things in life. Does this sound like you? Do you feel guilty for experiencing all these dreadful emotions? Do you want to be less of a drama princess and simply live your best life?

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Meditation can support you in getting better at life. Here’s how Meditation changed my life and could change yours too!

5 Ways Meditation Changed My Life

A beautiful scenic view of a river with lots of big green trees around. Caption reads 5 Ways meditation changed my life. What Mommy Wants

1. Meditation helped me to calm my mind

Once Meditation became part of my daily routine, I was no longer that girl who acted in haste or spoke without thinking through what I really wanted to say. I was no longer easily agitated by “petty” issues and left feeling ashamed of my reactions minutes later. Meditating helped me to feel calm and at peace with everything and everyone around me. I had no desire to respond to situations that quickly triggered me. Meditation has really taught me that pausing before reacting and staying calm is sometimes the wisest thing to do.

These days, I take unsolicited advice with a grain of salt. And it feels so liberating!

2. Meditation taught me how to trust my intuition

I couldn’t trust myself to make decisions. I always used to ask others for their advice on what I should and shouldn’t do. Afraid of being judged for the choices I made. Thankfully I’m at a much better place now in my life, and much of this is to Meditation. I have learned to tap into my intuition and trust my instinct. To follow my truth and live life on my terms. Doing the things that I love and what truly matters to me. Apart from allowing my intuition to guide me, Meditation has given me clarity in the different areas of my life. Allowing me to make transformations where I can heal and grow.

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3. Meditation changed my life through gratification

Alongside Rhonda Bryne’s book – The Secret, Meditation showed me the importance of being grateful and appreciating the things we already have in life. Instead of constantly comparing myself, feeling inferior, and wanting more, I learned to cherish what I already have in my life—having access to the clean air I was breathing in and the purified water I could drink—my health and body.

These are all things I took for granted. But thankfully, Meditation helped me realize how blessed I am to have access to these basic things in life. And I’m no longer complaining about everything falling victim to the comparison game.

I am no longer someone who acts from a place of lack and insecurities. I no longer feel life is a competition and fall victim to the “rat race life.” Instead, I think of abundance and purpose in just being that desired version of myself.

Comparison is the thief of joy – Theodore Roosevelt

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4. Through Meditation – I increase my productivity and creativity

After my morning meditation, I feel a burst of energy; I feel refreshed and ready to show up and give my best. Meditation has helped me be more present at the moment, staying focused on the now. Being laser-focused has allowed me to get more done in less time. Meditation has helped me take inspired actions tapping into my creative side and truly doing the things that bring joy to me. Something I once assumed was impossible.

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5. Meditation changed my life – by helping me to be a better person 

We all strive to do and be our best selves. And, sometimes in that process, we may be too hard on ourselves, which isn’t good for our health. Meditation has helped me be a better person by teaching me to love myself and have patience with myself. My default way of life is through love. To completely love and accept me and others. Love always wins!

I have grown significantly as a person with a renowned sense of confidence. Confidence to show up in my natural self and project my abundant energy wherever I am.

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Maya Angelou quote - " All great achievements require time.

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How To Get Started With A Meditation Practice To Change Your Life

If you want to get started with Meditation, you can sign up for three days FREE with ZivaOnline. Ziva will offer your more than those free mindfulness apps.

Yes, those apps are great, and I have used many of them before. But Ziva is simply outstanding! Within 15 days, you will learn to meditate without an app. You will learn techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere when you feel overwhelmed with your environment.

ZivaOnline will support you in cultivating a healthy relationship with yourself that will transform your life beyond your wildest dreams.

The Ziva Technique was created and taught by renowned meditation expert Emily Fletcher. Emily is also the author of the famous book Stress Less Accomplish More.

The Ziva Technique is a trifactor of mindfulness to help you be present at the moment without having to stress. Meditation enables you to eliminate all those unwanted stress and manifestation to help you create your deepest desires.

3 Ways I Stay Committed To Meditation And You Could Too

One of the biggest reasons many do not stick with Meditation is time. But here’s the thing we will never have the time to do anything if we don’t make time for it.

Did you know the Beetles made time for Meditation and were super successful?

Here are three ways you can stay committed to Meditation:

  • Enroll in ZivaOnline to learn Meditation so that you can eventually practice on your own. The best part is – this can be done in 15 days!
  • Schedule your meditation time on whatever app you use to keep you on track. This could be on your google calendar / on your phone or fridge calendar. Often if something is not scheduled, we won’t prioritize it. Meditation is a form of self-care. And self-care should always be at the top of the list. It’s essential to take care of ourselves.
  • Join the ZivaOnline Facebook Community. Having a community to keep us accountable is sometimes all we need to stay on track. And that’s exactly what you get from this group.

Meditation Inspiration Take Away

So, there you’ve had it, five ways meditation changed my life. Meditation has been a game-changer for me. It has supported me through some of the most challenging times in my life.

It has helped me be present with my kids, become a better mom and partner, and strengthen my relationships with friends and family.

If you haven’t started Meditation yet, you can try it by test-driving, one of the best meditation practices. Yes, it’s none other than ZivaOnline.

Now, let me know in the comments if you are a seasoned meditator – how has Meditation changed your life? And if you’re not yet meditating, do you plan on doing so? As always, if you know anyone in need of some meditation inspiration, please share this post with them!

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  1. Meditation is such a life-changing habit to create. I use Insight Timer and love it.

  2. Carmen says:

    I am not a seasoned meditator, but I must admit that I feel much better as a person now that I meditate and pray before I begin my day with my family and others. I feel more balanced. I can ignore petty things with more ease and less of a need to respond.

    1. Meditation makes us get better at life, for sure.

  3. These are great insights into how meditation changed your life. I love that it’s made you more grateful.

    1. Thank you, Fatima!

  4. Becoming the best version of myself is an ultimate goal. Meditation will help me achieve it. It should start now.

    1. I agree with you Charina.

  5. This is a great resource! I have never truly tried meditation but now I really want to!

    1. Desiree, I’m so happy you found this article useful.

  6. I love meditating. It’s so calming.

    1. It sure is, Danielle.

  7. Amy Liu Dong says:

    Meditation helps me to calm and relax my mind. It also helps me to become a better person that my two sisters admires me a lot.

    1. It’s amazing how much meditation can improve us and allow us to be a role model for the people in our lives.

  8. This sounds like a nice way to reset and relax. I can see how incorporating meditation into your lifestyle could be helpful.

    1. Meditation has definitely changed my life!

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