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Stay At Home Mom Guilt

There’s no doubt that you have experienced stay at home mom guilt in some shape or form, one way or the other.

Stay at home mom guilt is inevitable when you enter motherhood, whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home mom.

In this post, I shared ten reasons you may have stay-at-home mom guilt and why you shouldn’t.

A son is hugging his mom and their cheeks are rubbing against each other. This image is used to show stay at home moms not to feel guilty.

While being a stay-at-home mom is viewed as a privilege by many, it is in some ways!  The role comes with high expectations and little respect at times.

As an ambitious stay-at-home mom, you will have regular days when you are flooded with mom guilt—crushing you into pieces.

Making you question your reasoning for being a stay-at-home mom.

Stay-at-home mom guilt can be overwhelming. But there are some things you may feel guilt for that you shouldn’t.

Let’s look at some stay-at-home mom guilt you may be experiencing but shouldn’t.

 Stay at home mom Guilt You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty For

1. Feeling guilt for making time for yourself

Time has a new meaning once you become a mom. As a stay-at-home mom, you’ve dedicated your time to caring for your kiddos and home.

But it’s equally essential to prioritize time and take good care of yourself. If you feel burned out and need a few minutes to regulate, don’t feel guilty for taking a long shower.

Don’t feel guilty for locking the washroom door while sitting on the toilet and scrolling social media. Don’t feel guilty for putting the kids to bed early so you can have thirty minutes to yourself before bed.

Make time to do the things you enjoy without feeling guilty. You deserve it!

2. Not committing to your family’s income

This is one stay at home mom guilt that will arise at some point. You will feel shame when you notice the rising prices in grocery stores. When making purchases over the holidays or grabbing some essentials for your kids. You may even feel awkward buying your spouse a gift for Father’s Day or Christmas.

You may sometimes restrict yourself from getting essentials because you are trying hard to make one income work.

You need to commit to your family’s income will only grow stronger. And in all actuality, you are. You devote your time and energy to caring for your family and home.

The role a stay-at-home mom plays is invaluable. You are giving your family one of the most beautiful gifts many desire but cannot.

You can always look into moms’ side hustles if your goal is to commit to your family’s finances.


3. Feeling guilty for buying yourself something

How long are you going to deprive yourself? Do you think it’s fair for you to care for everyone’s wants while ignoring yours?

It’s okay to want the mascara or leggings the other moms at the park are raving over.

It’s okay to treat yourself once in a while.

Don’t feel guilty for wanting something that’s not a necessity but rather classify by you as a “want.”

4. Having a messy home

This is a quote on a pink and white background. Messy homes are no reasons for stay at home mom guilt.

Are you guilty when your spouse comes home, dishes sit on the table, the floor is unswept, and beds are not made?

I do too!

Will your spouse think you did nothing all day?

Let’s face it. Part of our responsibilities as stay-at-home moms is to take care of our kiddos and clean the home. Yet, we’re unable to do that. Sounds familiar?

Many believe that a clean and tidy home means discipline kids and an organized mom who is better than the rest!

I don’t know, maybe it’s true. Perhaps it’s not!

But I do know no stay-at-home mom should feel guilty for having a messy home.

5. Asking for help

As stay-at-home moms, we often feel ashamed to admit we need help. We overthink asking for help and look for ways to justify why we may need help.

No two days in motherhood are the same. Some days we can take on the world, and others we need support.

Asking for help doesn’t make you a weak mom. But instead demonstrates your strength.

On days you feel stressed and overwhelmed, admit you need help. Talk to your spouse or parents and ask if they can help you care for your kids for a day or the weekend.

Then utilize this time by resting or doing whatever makes you feel good.

6. Feeling guilty for not doing or being enough

As moms, we will always feel like we are not doing enough about one thing or the other.

But the more you question your worth, the less you will recognize how much you’ve already done for your kids and family.

Stop pondering over the mistakes you’ve made along your parenting journey. And focus on the joy you bring your kids and the legacy you leave for your kids and grandkids.

7. Expecting more out of your significant other

Of course, you are grateful that your spouse works hard to allow you to stay home with your kids. But then you have those days where you wish he could help out a little more. Whether that is helping you bathe the kids, tuck them into bed, help with the dishes, or listen to you complain.

However, stay-at-home moms’ guilt will kick in whenever you ask your spouse for a little more support.

You already know you can’t do it all, even as a stay-at-home mom. You need continuous support when it comes to raising kids.

Be honest on the days you feel burned out and ask your spouse for support.

8. Enjoying the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom

You love being a stay-at-home mom and have no intention of returning to the workforce. I think that’s super attractive, and there’s absolutely no reason to feel guilty for enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Continue expressing gratification for this fantastic opportunity and embrace every moment of it even when someone tries to make you feel inferior because you hold the title of CEO stay-at-home mom. 🙂

9. Embarrassed by your kid’s behavior

A laptop open and on the screen there is a 2022 planner, glass case, plant, green drink and ear phones. The caption read 10 reasons you may have stay at home mom guilt but shouldn't .

Every parent has been down some path where their kid would have done something to humiliate them. Don’t stress over these moments because years from now, you will look back and share this with your child laughing hysterically.

Don’t let what other people think of your child hinder their growth or drain your energy. You are doing a great job, and many moms, including myself, have gone through these motherhood phrases.

Continue to support your child and give him what is necessary for him to shine by allowing him to feel every one of his emotions. Even if it means others are staring at and judging you.

10. Saying no to your kids

Phew! That feeling after you’ve said no to your child.

“No, you can’t have that piece of candy before dinner.”

“No, we are not getting another car or doll…”

” Please, don’t ask another time! I said no, and that’s final.”

The tears roll done, arms folded, and he won’t talk to you. You feel like the worst mom on planet earth.

You hate what your child feels and want to cave, allowing him to meet his demand. But you know if you give in today will only make the situation worst.

Trust your mommy instinct; give your child a few minutes to calm down while you regulate your emotions.  Reassure your child that you are right here when he needs you.

No one said motherhood would be easy. But you don’t have to feel guilty for every single action of yours. Give yourself some grace. Be gentle with yourself and wear that badge of a stay-at-home mom proudly.

The job you do as a stay-at-home mom is invaluable, and years from now, you will reap the rewards of the diligent work you do today.

Suppose you haven’t done so already. Please grab the happy mom planner pages to help you stay organized.

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