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5 Simple Actions I’m Taking to Be A Better Mom

Being a mom is not rocket science, but at the same time, it’s not the easiest thing to do these days! It can either make us or break us. In today’s post, I share –  5 simple actions I’m taking to be a better mom.

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Like most mums, I don’t always have rainbows and unicorns days. Some days are more challenging than others. Days that I’m not proud of and honestly wished never had happened. Sounds familiar?

When I have days like these, I often find myself feeling quite icky and I try extremely hard to avoid it from recurring.

I want to do everything in my power to raise strong, brave, and successful kids and be the best possible mom to them ever! They deserve it!

Here are 5 simple actions I’m taking to be a better mom to my two adorable kiddos:

1. Being more present for my kids allows me to be a better mom

I have chosen to say no to multitasking and dedicate time to my kids daily. Too often, I will be busy cooking or working on a blog post or graphic that I don’t listen to exactly what my kids are saying to me and quickly reply with a yes or a no! Or maybe rudely interrupt one of their pretend games – by answering yes or what! When in fact, they were playing with their dolls and didn’t require my attention or interference. But I was too distracted to notice because I was busy doing my own thing.

Bye-bye to all these distractions. I’m committed to showing up, sitting down, and playing or chatting with my kids for at least an hour every day. There’s nothing more important to me than my kids. I’ve rearranged my schedule and put time blocks in place to accommodate everything in my life from – working on my blog, hubby time, house chores, and playtime with the kids.

We have playtime from 4 pm – 5 pm during the week when they get home from school, and then on the weekends – they get so much more time. Which we are all enjoying!

What about you? What can you move around in your busy schedule so you can be more present for your kids?

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2. I’m a better mom when I take care of myself

As mothers, we have allowed the lie that we need to take care of everyone first to dominate our lives for way too long. As a result of this, our entire family suffers in the long run.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been doing this, caring for everyone but myself. This habit results in me being grumpy and easily frustrated. I was always tired. And never failed at falling asleep during our weekly family Friday night movies. This made my daughter quite sad. She would always shake me to stay awake, but I was always too exhausted to stay awake. So much for family movie nights!

Another simple action I’m taking to be a better mom is dedicating self-care time to myself.

Now, every morning I’m taking 15 minutes to sit and eat a healthy breakfast while I do my gratitude journaling. I’m no longer eating on the go or while doing dishes. I have committed to an exercise routine that involves my kids 4 times weekly. And is getting at least 7 hours of rest nightly, thanks to a better work/life balance and setting boundaries with myself and others.

Are you putting others before yourself? Do you take enough care of yourself as a mom? If not, what actions will you be taking to care for yourself as a mom?

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3. Choosing not to compare myself or my kids to others 

Comparison is one of those things that keep us from being true to ourselves as moms.

How often do you compare yourself to other moms? Or compare your kids to other kids? Better yet, compare your kids to each other?

I have done it! Way too many times, I’m willing to admit. It’s difficult not to, at times. I have promised myself that I won’t be comparing myself to other moms. And so should you. We are determined to win when we set out to do something as moms. So why not make a promise to yourself? A promise will bring about positive transformations and help you be a better mom!

Now, every once in a while, you will find yourself wanting to compare, and it’s okay. Acknowledge it and remind yourself that you have chosen not to compare yourself to other moms. And with time, you will realize that not comparing yourself to others will become second nature.

To become a better mom, I have also pledged not to compare my kids to other kids. Not because my kid’s friends are doing extra school activities means they have to as well. My kids are excelling at their own pace and will choose to do what inspires and bring joy to them, and as their mom, I will be there to support and give guidance.

Every so often, when my husband and I are having discussions, we will find ourselves comparing our kids when it comes to who can make friends easily or who is more analytical. Which one is more adventurous and loves challenges?!  As a mom, I don’t want to label my kids or brainwash them into thinking one is better than the other in certain areas. They are great kids with unique personalities, and I want them to shine and be everything that they are while loving and learning from each other.

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4. Demonstrate a growth mindset 

Have you ever paid attention to how much your kids mimic you? They do it a whole lot!

The other day, I notice my five-year-old son pretending to be his fur real pet daddy. He said and did everything my husband would normally say to him. Wow!

Our kids watch us so closely. And they learn from us even when we think they are not.

Another simple action I’m taking to be a better mom is demonstrating a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset to my kids. I’m mindful of what I say to myself whenever I’m struggling with a task. Instead of saying this is so hard or I can’t figure this out. I will be saying, I got this. I can do this!

I’m going to stay consistent with writing a powerful quote or affirmations on the whiteboard that’s glued onto our refrigerator so they can both see it every day and be inspired to grow and learn.

As their mom, I will be reminding them that there’s a way through every challenge, that I believe in them, and how proud I am of who they are. As their mom, I will show up and be the strong, brave, and confident woman that I am. I will keep learning and growing.

What can you learn today, that will support you in becoming the best mom for your kids?

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5. Committing to my meditation practice will help me to be a better mom

Summer always tends to throw us off our routines! And there’s no difference here with me. With traveling and getting ready for our move (yes, we are moving across three provinces in Canada this November) I have completely fallen off my meditation game.

Meditation has so many benefits. And I have been on the receiving end of this. It has helped me to become a better person, learn how to trust my intuition, and stay calm during unprecedented times. You can read my full story on how meditation changed my life and how it can change yours too here!

I have blocked times on my schedule where I practice The Ziva Technique meditation by Emily Fletcher twice a day.

If mediation is new to you and you’re still a bit on the fence, grab a copy of Emily Fletcher’s book – Stress Less Accomplished More.


My two kids have given me a gift like no other. And so have your kids. As mothers, we may not always be at our best. We will have days that will test our patience, but doable actions to help us embrace the realities of motherhood will lead us to become the best possible mamas we can be to our kiddos.

Please share with us in the comments what simple actions you will be taking to be a better mom. And if you know a mama who can use this message today. Please share with her.

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