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11 Self-love Mantras That Every Girl Needs To Hear

Even though self-love is quite cliché these days. There’s still so much value in being an ambassador for self-love. And introducing our little girls to loving themselves at a tender age is critical. Allowing them to have easy access to self-love mantras that every girl needs to hear. Encouraging our little girls to speak lovingly to themselves and love who they are. Supporting our girls in understand who they are and reminding them that they can be everything that they are. 

I get it! It can be challenging when it comes to raising strong, confident girls. But many times, when we as women struggle to feel worthy, it almost always has to do with our thoughts and the things we were told throughout our lives. 

Here’s something I want you to always remember when you have icky thoughts. Thoughts are NOT REAL.

They only become a reality when we allow them to.

As humans, we have the ability to choose which thoughts we accept and which ones we say NO to. So, when a negative thought enters your mind, ask yourself – is this true? Do I want to allow this to be a part of my life, or do I want to let it go?

Our thoughts are very powerful and, they will create our future. Similarly, the thoughts our daughters have about themselves will translate into the way they treat and speak to themselves.

We can help our little girls to reframe their negative thoughts into positive ones by sharing these self-love mantras that every girl needs to hear with them.

So, what is a mantra?

A mantra is powerful words or sounds that you can use to transform your mindset. Mantras bring awareness to us, helping us to cultivate the feel-good feeling.

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Why Expose Our Girls To Self-love Mantras 

Self-love mantras will help our girls show more compassion to themselves. They would learn to embrace who they are and be mindful of self-talk. Bring awareness to the way she speaks to herself after having a rough day at school. Fail an exam or has a fallout with her best friend or her boyfriend.

Her first reaction might be to say, “I will never figure this out. I’m such a big failure.”

This negative self-talk has shown to make our girls feel not good enough. It will affect the result of the things she failed at. She may maintain the mindset that she’s a failure every time she pursues the said thing she believed she’s a failure at. On the other hand, when our girls have learned to strengthen their self-worth through self-love, they will switch the way they speak to themselves. She may instead affirm – “Life is full of challenges. But I will figure this out. Because – I’m smart. Now, that’s some girl power there!

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Introducing Self-love Mantras To Girls

Believe it or not! It’s actually easier than you think it is. You can introduce self-love mantras that every girl needs to hear with ease. 

Our daughters admire us. They learn from us and imitate the things they see us as moms doing in their lives. If you are teaching your girls to love themselves, you better start loving and taking care of yourself as a mom too. When our daughters see us practicing self -love they will do the same.

Create a ritual where you speak lovingly to yourself so she can witness it. When you are having a rough day, practice these self-love mantras so she can see the benefits you are reaping first hand. Gift her a whiteboard, and every day you can write one of these mantras on her whiteboard. She will see this and get into the habit of saying them daily. 

If your daughter – is at an age where she has a cellphone, set reminders that will pop up on her phone. Place sticky notes around her room or the family room with self-love mantras that every girl needs to hear and see.

And here’s the thing! Once you begin teaching your girls – how to effectively use these mantras, you will come up with more creative ways for her to have easy accessibility to self-love mantras. 

11 Self-love Mantras That Every Girl Needs To Hear

Let’s admit it! We all have bad days. We all feel like crap at some point or the other in our lives. It’s called being a human. 

In my opinion, if we didn’t have days like these – we will not grow. We may not like the way it makes us feel, but that’s okay. It’s okay because we are figuring out more about our authentic selves.

Here are 11 self-love mantras that every girl needs to hear.

I am enough

Every day I remind my daughter that she’s enough! She’s perfect just the way she is. And there’s no need to question the way she looks or what others think of her. But, simply love and embrace who she is.

I also enjoy reading Grace Byer’s book – I am enough to her. This is a beautiful book that focuses on the determination. inclusion and self-worth that inspires little kids.

You can also find the read-aloud version of the book here on YouTube. Enjoy this great book with your beautiful little girls.

I am worthy

This is one powerful self-love mantra that every girl needs to hear and be reminded of. A mantra that promotes girl power. 

Here’s the thing! And I’m almost sure you will agree with me. We have all fallen victim to the comparison game at some point in our lives.

I know that I have! And it can have such a horrible effect on our mindset. We feel unhappy with our current status in life. We crave more, but at the same time feel as if we are not worthy of having our desires. Or we may feel it’s so far away from our reach.

Personally, I do not want this for my little girl, and I’m sure you don’t as well!

So, by coaching our girls to strengthen their self-worth through self-lovewe will be helping them not to fall victim to comparison.

Let your girls know that it’s okay to admire someone and appreciate their success. But remind her, that person’s success is not a reflection of who she is or where she’s in life. Motivate her to create her own unique success.

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I am capable

How many times have you doubted your capability?

Allowing those limiting beliefs to crush your dreams? Many times, when we tell ourselves that we can’t do it. It’s because we don’t want to do it. We feel fearful of the outcome. Right?!

When we remind our girls that they can do it. It shows them – that as their moms, we believe in them. And the truth is, sometimes that’s all our daughters need to hear from us. That momma believes in her, and they have the potential to do anything they put their minds to.

I love the person I’m growing into

You know what! Even you can use this self-love mantra as a mama. It will remind you that you are evolving and your growth as a woman is inevitable!

I added this to the list of self-love mantras that every girl needs to hear because I think we really have to appreciate who we are and where we are going. When our little girls are thought this at a young age, they will learn to embody who they are, and personal growth will become second nature to them, as she grows into the lady she’s meant to be.

My opinion matters

Let’s raise our girls to voice their opinions and let their voices be heard. This is one area that as a mom, I have to place a lot of emphasis on with my daughter.

My daughter is quite sensitive to other’s feelings. While there’s nothing wrong with being sensitive to others – I really feel if something makes her unhappy or she does not agree with it, she needs to speak up and speak out rather than agreeing with something that doesn’t serve her or feels right to her.

To help her voice her opinions, I allow her to make some choices around her life. Believe it or not, our daughters are experts in their own lives, and I can openly admit that I have learned so much from her.

If your little girl is anything like my daughter, you can really support her by allowing her to make some choices surrounding her life.

I am brave

So many times, fear has stopped us from taking the next leap. Similarly, fear can stop our daughters from getting into Gymnastics or the swimming pool. Let her know – that it’s ok to be afraid, but the only way she can overcome that fear is by being courageous. Whenever I remind Sophia to be brave. The Disney princess Merida comes to mind. Merida was determined to create a path that was aligned with her dreams.

If you haven’t seen this epic Disney movie, make sure to check it out with your own little princess!

I am safe; a self-love mantra to promote girl power

Every girl needs to be reminded that she is safe. It’s natural for us as mothers to protect our children and ensure they are always cared for. And one of the best ways to do this is to encourage our girls to use this self-love mantra – I am safe. This self-love mantra will support her in times when her fear sets in or she is experiencing insecurities in any area of her life.

I’m exactly where I need to be

As our girls grow older – they may feel like they are behind some of their friends. They are being left out because they are not involved in after-school activities or don’t have the latest smartphone while their friends got one.

This is a good mantra that your daughter can use to remind herself that she’s exactly where she needs to be. She’s not left behind nor ahead of anyone but rather exactly where she needs to be.

And everything will fall in place at the right time.

Explain to her that instead of feeling you’re left behind think of it as things are working out for her rather than life happening against her. When our daughters cultivate a positive mindset, they will see life from a different perspective. They will embrace the current situation and harness excitement for the future. Because deep within her bones, she knows great things are happening for her. This is also a perfect time to talk to her about appreciating the little things in life. Explaining to her when we appreciate the things we currently have it will multiple.

I can be everything I am

This is one of my favorite self-love mantras that I truly believe every girl needs to hear.

Plus it’s absolutely true.

We are all born with our own unique gifts. Some of us can unlock our purpose – while many of us go through life without even knowing what it is. Why? Because we are not true to ourselves.

Remind your daughter that she can be everything she is. The sky is her limit, and her potential is endless. Allow her to dream and be creative with what she wants out of life and where she would like to go.

I am loved 

This self-love mantra will support our daughters in knowing that they are truly loved. They will not feel deprived of love from anyone and will not pursue love in the wrong places. They will know their worth and as a result, respect themselves. When our girls can cultivate self-respect they will not allow anyone to treat them like a “doormat.”

I belong

Our daughters need to know that they belong, to feel confident and at ease with themselves.

I had the privilege of learning many new things in 2020/2021. But, one that really stood out to me was that discrimination and racism are real. And here’s the thing – regardless of our creed, color, race – we can all face discrimination at one point or the other in our lives.

Let your little girl knows that she belongs. Her family belongs! Educate her on diversity and respecting and treating everyone equally because we all belong. It’s super important in teaching diversity at home and allowing your daughter to have a diverse group of friends. This will help her appreciate everyone for who they are. As well as, feeling accepted for who she is regardless of her appearance. 


Teaching your little girl to cultivate self-love will be one of the most magical gifts you can grant her. Remind her to fall in love with who she is and who she is becoming. Let her explore her many possibilities and take inspired actions while having fun. And everything that is meant for her, will be hers’. And when it arrives, let her embrace it and enjoy every bit of it.

May these 11 self-love mantras that every girl needs to hear support you on your journey in promoting self-love to your girls.

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