10 Secrets To Finding Inner Peace

How would it feel not to get angry or frustrated when things don’t go as you plan? What would life be like if we were able to pause and consciously think through every annoying situation before responding? How can I find inner peace and enjoy life more? Have these questions been on your mind lately? In today’s post, I share 10 secrets to finding inner peace so you can start enjoying life at a deeper level.

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In today’s modern world, we go about life doing and wanting more. Worrying over economic climate changes, rapid price increases, our kid’s future, and so much more! The list is never-ending, right? Oh, and not forgetting the need to prove ourselves to others.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not worry – as much as we do, over these things, and enjoy whatever little time is left?

Tapping into our inner self and being everything we were ever meant to be. While truly enjoying the life we are living.

Yes! It’s absolutely possible to find peace and happiness amid all the chaos that may be happening around you as we speak.

Here are 10 secrets to finding inner peace and making the most out of life.

10 Secrets To Finding Inner Peace 

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1. Setting daily intentions is my # 1 secret to finding inner peace

Do you set daily intentions? If you’re not. I recommend you start ASAP! It’s gonna change how you feel throughout your day.

Writing a few inspiring and empowering words on a sticky note or the whiteboard on your refrigerator can do so much good for you. It controls your entire day.

Words either make or break us. Agree?

When someone says negative things to us, it makes us feel hurt and depressed. In the same way, powerful and inspiring words can lift our spirits and make us feel good.

Every morning before you begin your day, set an intention for your day and yourself.

Write your intention for the day on a sticky note or top of your to-do list or the whiteboard on your fridge. Basically, a place where you can see it throughout your day! And go about your day remembering these words you started your day with. These words will be your – “pick me up” when you feel tense or confuse during your day.

Your intentions can be something as simple as, “let it be easy.” Or ” Trust the process.”

Here are some more daily intentions to inspire you:

  • I am ready to embrace whatever life throws at me today.
  • Today, I choose to step into the most amazing version of myself and go after what I want.
  • I am confident in my abilities.
  • Being a mom has many challenges, but it’s these challenges that will make me stronger and wiser.
  • I am comfortable with the choices I am making in my life.

2. Stop the glorification of busyness

My second secret to finding inner peace is to stop the glorification of busyness.

We are all busy. And we are always going to be and feel busy as we move through life. But, what are you going to do to find inner peace in this culture where we give so much glorification to being busy?

How often do you go around telling others that you are swamped and so busy at the moment? How do you feel when others say to you that they are super busy? Do you feel an urge to say the same?

It’s time we stop this rat race and begin to appreciate the simple things in life. We don’t have to be busy to be successful. Really we don’t!

Take some time off every day to do what brings joy to you. Stop worrying over your to-do list and start being and enjoying the moment.

3. Setting boundaries will help you to find inner peace

Have you ever said yes to doing something for someone and immediately after felt a tight knot in your stomach? Hated yourself for saying yes and hated the other person for asking you to commit to something you didn’t even want to?

Of course, you have! We’ve all done it before!

Then we go about our day feeling stressed and upset, pondering over the idea of having to do something we really don’t want to. The number 1 reason we are unable to say “No” to others is that we have no boundaries set for ourselves.

Saying no doesn’t have to feel hard and it sure doesn’t mean that you don’t care about the other person’s feelings. You will find so much inner peace when you learn to set boundaries for yourself. Whether that is saying no to someone or choosing how you allow others to treat you.

Picture how you want your life to be. Do you want to be treated like a doormat? Or do you want to step out and be the most courageous and amazing version of yourself? The version of you or give and earn respect from others?

Set boundaries for yourself and stick to them. It will be one of the best things you do for your own success.

4. Design a life that you love  

How many times have you done something just because it’s what society expects of you? How often do you withhold from doing what you love because you fear being criticized or judged by others?

Too often we choose to live a life that others want us to – rather than live life on our own terms. We can find inner peace by designing a life that feels good to us. A life that we love. A life that is fulfilling to us. Committing to doing the things that light our hearts and souls on fire.

Are you living a life that you love, a life that fulfills and makes you happy? Or, are you living a life where you feel trap, unloved and unworthy?

You are in control of your life. Which means you get to decide how you want to live it.

5. Meditation

Meditation has been a game-changer for me. It will not only help you find the inner peace that you are searching for, but it will help you live your most amazing and authentic life.

If meditation is new to you. I highly recommend you begin with – Emily Fletcher’s ZivaONLINE.  You will learn the Ziva Technique which is a combination of mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation.

ZivaOnline will work for you – even if you have a busy mind and a busy lifestyle. Within 15 days you will learn the full Ziva Technique, which you will be able to practice daily on your own for the rest of your life.

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6. Find inner peace by going for a walk

A lady walking through a trial wearing a sweater.

Science proves that walking helps us to feel good and become more creative. Any time you feel worried or anxious. Go for a walk and allow nature to help you find peace. Look at the historical trees as you walk past them, the clouds floating above you. The birds chirping merrily as the leaves from nearby trees rustle noisily.

Spending time outside in nature will drastically change your mood and bring your mind to peace.

7. Writing brings inner peace to us

Coming from a business and accounting background, I never thought writing would bring me so much joy as it does today. Seriously, writing was not something I enjoyed doing while in school. But once I started blogging, my passion for writing grew instantly. You may think you don’t have what it takes to write. But once you begin, there’s really no going back.

You don’t necessarily need a blog to begin writing. You can grab yourself a notebook or create a folder in google docs and write your content there. However, if you do decide you want to start writing as a hobby. And having a blog is something you would love to explore, then you can get started with your blog today for as low as $3.95 when you sign up with Bluehost. 

You can also read my full story on why I started blogging. 

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8. Focus on what makes you happy

What brings joy and happiness to you? What makes you feel fulfilled? If you can do one thing in this world, what would it be?

Some things are out of our control. No matter what we do – we just can’t change it! Things like these, we need to learn how to adjust to it and accept it as it is. There’s no sense worrying over what we can’t change. Instead, focus on what makes you happy. Remember where you focus your attention grows.

9.  Journaling 

Journaling is such a great way to communicate with your subconscious mind and tap into your authentic self. It can help discover things that are keeping you stuck, identify and release your fears. It can even assist in unlocking your true potential and desires in life.

10. Helping others is another secret to finding inner peace

Finding inner peace is not as difficult as we think! Seriously it’s not. You can feel good and so contented in life by simply lending a helping hand.

Is there a particular cause you hold dear and near to your heart? How can you support this cause? Are you able to make monthly contributions? Can you volunteer once a week or month to help this cause? Is there a friend who can use some support right now? Can you help out at your kid’s school or a fundraiser in your community? What about making donations to your community’s food drive program?

Look around you and see where and who can use some of your help right now. I bet you will be surprised by how much help is needed right around you. Commit to one that you feel drawn to and sincerely want to help.


So, there you’ve had it! My 10 secrets to finding inner peace. Something that is absolutely possible for every one of us to enjoy.

Finding inner peace is not rocket science. Choosing to make small changes to our everyday life and by being true to ourselves – we will be able to live a life beyond our wildest dreams.

Now, I want to hear from you. What’s your biggest takeaway from today’s post? How do you plan to find inner peace and live your best life? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. Monica Simpson says:

    I’ve been taking my dog for daily walks and leaving my phone at home. It really helps set the tone for my day and helps me with overall inner peace.

    1. I love that you are doing this, Monica. What a beautiful way to start your day?!

  2. I love these!! All of these are great and some new ones to try. Thank you!

    1. You’re so welcome Alexa. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. I believe #10 is my favorite! It makes me feel so happy to help others. I feel like journaling with gratitude really helps too.

    1. There’s so much joy in helping others. You’re such a big-hearted and kind person, Shannah.

  4. These are such realistic tips. Simple and applicable. I am guilty of the glorification of busyness and to work on that but walks and journaling are my super powers.

    1. Thank you Jamesetta. I think as moms and women we are all guilty of glorifying the busy lifestyle. Love that journaling is your thing.

  5. I love the idea of designing a life you love! So beautifully put!

    1. Thank you, Danielle.

  6. I’ve really had to start setting boundaries this year. It has really helped me a lot.

  7. Julie Park says:

    I love number ten and it’s definitely been what’s helping me to find inner peace lately 🙂 great post.

    1. I’m so happy you found this post helpful, Julie:-)

  8. All great tips but my top 3 have been designing a life I love, having daily intentions, and going for walks. Finding daily peace has to be intentional as part of our “busyness”.

    1. Setting daily intentions is such a great way to keep you grounded. Love that you are committed to doing this everyday.

  9. Carmen says:

    This post is so inspiring! I’m going to share this on my facebook page. This stuck with me the most.

    Life is precious, we need to design the life we love and live it out now!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Carmen. We definitely have to design the life we want and it’s absolutely possible. 🙂

  10. writing is definitely one of my favorite ways (though all the items on your list are things i do on and off)

  11. It does take some work to achieve inner peace. These are good points to think about when trying to find that balance.

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