A mom giving her beautiful, strong and confident daughter a horsey back. The mom turns around holds her daughter and smile confidently at her as her daughter smiles back with her.
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18 Secrets To Raising Strong And Confident Daughters Easily

Raising strong and confident daughters to know that their voices matter is vital in the world we are living in today. Every little girl needs to be heard and seen. To know that she matters! To be allowed to shine and be the light she is. 

A mom giving her beautiful, strong and confident daughter a horsey back. The mom turns around holds her daughter and smile confidently at her as her daughter smiles back with her.

Being a girl comes with so many expectations!

From the person, she is to the career she holds. How many kids does she have, and who does she marry? What style of clothes does she wear to how many pounds does she weighs?

But why?

Why do we have such big expectations from girls?

Why do we teach our girls to grow up and find somebody while we teach our sons to grow up and be somebody?

How about we teach our girls to grow up and be everything they are?

To know their worth. Be courageous and strong. To know that they are enough!

Let’s come together as moms and end stereotypes, and commit to raising strong and confident daughters.

A daughter who will know to love and honor her authentic self, be brave and bold enough to walk her path.

As mothers, let us all commit to raising strong and confident daughters. Daughters who know that they are worthy of being someone. And the person who finds her will be the lucky one?!

Why Commit To Raising Strong And Confident Daughters

Our girls go through so much in life! Starting at a very young age.

For instance, when they first begin kindergarten, one of their classmates starts talking about their birthday party. The birthday party that your daughter was not invited to.

Things like that happen, but our daughters don’t know better. After all, she’s only five years old. Chances are, she will feel left out. She’s likely going to feel she’s not good enough to be someone’s friend. She may even wonder why she wasn’t invited.

All these thoughts will make her feel less than. Beliefs that will forever live in her. Later transforms into her truth. 

While we cannot shield our girls from having to experience situations like these, what we can do instead is, teach our girls to be strong and confident. 

When we commit to raising strong and confident daughters, we teach them to be resilient. We are coaching them to feel secure with themselves. To openly express and honor her feelings while acknowledging the emotions and actions of others acceptably.

Strong girls feel good about themselves. As a result, can work through challenging times effortlessly. 

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18 Ways You Can Coach Your Daughter To Be Strong and Confident

Powerful quotes for our daughters from Carrie Green

“She knew the power of her mind and so programmed it for success.”

 – Carrie Green

Our daughters admire us. Our words echo in their minds.

As mothers, I believe we must instill confidence in our daughters at a tender age. To demonstrate our strength and help her identify her strength, So one day, she will be able to use her voice and bravery to inspire other young girls and make a difference.

Here are 18 ways you can commit to raising strong and confident daughters:

1. Raising a strong, confident daughter means believing in her

Repeat it over and over to her. Tell her how much you think of her time after time. The more she hears you say these words to her. The more she’s going to fosters the mindset that her mom believes in her. And if her mom believes in her, she’s going to believe in herself as well. It will become second nature to her.

Our girls go through a lot in life. They will face ups and downs throughout their lives. (We all do right?!)

But what is it that keeps us going?

It’s the belief that we can achieve it!

The belief, that we can overcome the many challenges we face.

When we provide our daughters with unconditional love and support, it will strengthen their willpower. And that willpower will help her get through and get to the other side of the challenges she’ll face in life. 

2. Teach your daughter to love herself

A little girl walking under a Gazebo. She is happy and vibrant. Her back is facing toward us.

When we can truly love ourselves, we bloom into the most impressive and healthiest version of ourselves. The version that will be determined to push through the blocks that life may throw at us.

It’s very easy for us to tell our girls to love themselves. However, it will only be effective – when she sees that her mom is cultivating self-love unapologetically. 

As a mom, commit to loving yourself. This will create a chain reaction for your daughter, she will learn to accept and love herself from your actions. 

Another way we can teach our daughters to love themselves is through journaling.

Gift her a journal where she can write 5 things she loves about herself daily. On the days she feels upset or “down,” she can refer back to the many things she loves about herself. 

Normalize being upset and having big emotions. We’ve all had days like these and will continue to have these days because it’s NORMAL.

Another great way we can raise our daughters to love and connect with themselves is through empowering quotes for daughters. 

You can write words of inspiration on sticky notes or card stocks and place them in her bedroom, backpack/lunch boxes, or on her desk. Anywhere that, she will easily stumble on them. These quotes will inspire her and help her feel good. Reminding her that she is unique and loved by many.

Fourthly, give her unconditional love. A mother’s love is like no other love. When our daughters feel loved and supported, instead of turning to others who may not necessarily care for their best interest or social media, she will come for support and advice from you – her mama.

By loving herself, she will not need anyone’s validation. She will be a strong and confident girl who will respect herself and those around her. She will not try to please others, but instead, she will please herself.

3. Educate her on the importance of self-care 

Remember, our daughter looks up to us, and, what we portray to her, will frame her beliefs. Before we attempt to coach our daughters on the importance of self-care, ensure that you are, taking care of yourself as a mom.

Self-care can be whatever your daughter chooses to help her feel good. Whether, it’s taking a bubble bath or spending a day at the spa, having a tea party with her dolls, or cuddling with a great book. Whatever allows her to feel good. Let her take time for herself and do what brings joy to her.

Through daily self-care practice, she will create a healthy belief that she’s worthy of all the good things in life, and she should not feel guilty for caring for herself.

4. Listen to her

Listen to what she has to say and when she has to say it!

Being present with your child and actively listening to what she has to say – is one of the most important gifts you can give her.

If you’re unclear with what she is saying – repeat what she just said to you, so she can clarify what she’s saying to you. Empathize with her, rather than form a conclusion and judge her and the situation.

When you listen to your daughter, you are not only contributing to raising strong and confident daughters. You are also creating a special bond with her. She will trust you and feel comfortable coming to you when she feels pressured or unsure about situations in her life.

5. Allow your daughter to make her own choices when appropriate

Giving your daughter a choice is vital in boosting her confidence and strengthening her self-worth. By giving her an option to choose and express herself, she will know that her voice matters. And she is loved and belongs.

When possible, allow her to make her own decisions – like choosing her clothing style (that’s age-appropriate). Allow her to decide what she would like to have as a healthy meal choice and snack, her birthday themes, and after-school activities that she would like to be a part of. Include her in planning occasions that revolve around her.

Embrace your daughter’s dislikes or something that you are objective to in a positive manner.

For Example:

She prefers to sit in her room all day while you think she should come out and go for a nature walk or get involved in outdoor activities. You can respond, “It’s ok if you want to spend time in your room. I get it, and I do understand you enjoy being in your room. But, here is the thing – getting some outdoor time and going for nature walks is super healthy for you – mentally, physically, and emotionally. It’s something I recommend you try whenever you feel up to it.”

By responding to her in this way, you are acknowledging what she wants and supports her. But at the same time, you are sharing a suggestion with her in a loving way, as opposed to enforcing the idea onto her.

From Our Kitchen Table To Yours

6. Remind her she is perfect just the way she is

Be kind to yourself and teach your daughter the same so you can raise a strong confident daughter

During a time and culture where so much emphasis is placed on how you look, walk and talk. Our body frame, the color of our skin and hair.

Take some time to remind her that she is beautiful, just the way she is, and she doesn’t have to change or prove herself to anyone. Her priority should be, being her authentic self. And to be her authentic self – she simply needs to embrace and accept herself just the way she is.

“Be kind to yourself, embrace your uniqueness and always remember you are beautiful just the way you are.”

Anasha Khan

7. Raise a strong and confident daughter by letting her figure things out 

Let's remind our daughters that everything is figureoutable

As moms, we dislike seeing our kids go through tough times.

The mommy instinct in us wants to jump in and help our daughters when they struggle. We feel like we have to help. I know this because I have been there before! Jumping in to help my little girl.

When we take over for our daughters, we prevent them from using their coping skills to solve the problems they face in their lives. We are taking control of the situation, which might make them feel, they aren’t well equipped to handle stressful times, and mommy doesn’t believe I can do it.

Allow your daughter to figure things out on her own. Introduce her to Marie Forleo’s famous quote:

Everything is “Figureourable.”

Marie Forleo

8. Encourage your daughter to let her voice be heard

Do you still agree with that adage – ” Girls should be seen and not heard?”

Well, now is the time to burn that expression. Girls should be taught to let their voices be heard. To share their opinions and feelings. And speak up so that they can be heard.

It’s not about being right or proving a point but sharing her ideas and standing for what she believes in.

Too often, our daughters keep their brilliant ideas to themselves because they fear being laughed at. They believe their opinions are not innovative or good enough for others.

Teach your daughter to share her opinions and allow her voice to be heard – because her ideas matter and can make a difference in the lives of many.

9. Coach your daughter to be strong and confident with words from the wise

Your words mean a lot to your daughter. Remind her that she’s ENOUGH.


She’s WORTHY. 

Remind her that she can be everything that she is.

Write her notes of inspiration, reminding her that she’s beautiful. Read her inspiring quotes for daughters. Gift her an empowering wall art that she can hang in her room and see the words of encouragement daily.

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10. Inspire growth

Raise a strong, confident daughter by teaching her to invest in her own growth

“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.”

– Abraham Maslow

Look around you; growth is everywhere. It is essential to becoming the best version of ourselves.

Help your daughter to understand that self-growth is healthy. And to continue blossoming – she needs to keep investing in herself. And when she invests in herself, she should always go in intending to learn new things.

We often sign up for a new program or course, but once we begin, we have the mindset of, “oh, I already know this!” And never really give our 100 % dedication to the course.

Here’s the thing.

When we do this, we never learn. We go through the program or activity because we felt as if we already know it! As humans, we could never know too much! We are evolving every day of our lives. 

Raising strong and confident daughters involves demonstrating the importance of self-growth.

11. Discuss human development and sexual health with your daughter

Have regular conversations with your daughter about healthy living and sexual health in a developmentally appropriate manner. Help her to understand how her body works and functions. This will help her develop the skills she needs for lifelong health, making responsible choices that will help keep her safe. It will also help her to respect herself as well as her body.

I know many parents hold off on talking about periods and bodily changes. But more and more girls have early periods. (source)

12. Allow your daughter to be angry

Many of us believe that when we allow ourselves to be angry, we lose control of who we are—being angry shows us the ugly side. The side that no one should ever see.

So what do we do?

We develop an unhealthy habit of hiding our angry emotions; We try to stay composed under situations that trigger us, because it’s the lady-like thing to do. Right?

In the past, this has hurt me more than I can remember.

I used to be that person who would bottle up all her emotions and pretend everything was ok. Until that one day, I realized that I was becoming a doormat by downplaying my anger. I was being pushed around, and no one respected me or my boundaries. Once I started identifying the things that made me upset, I could choose what worked best for me and what wasn’t.

Openly expressing anger doesn’t mean it will be our dominant feeling. When a situation triggers us, we will embrace our emotions. And, if that is anger, then we will assume it!

Let’s raise strong girls by showing them it’s ok to be angry. She can express all her emotions openly without feeling embarrassed for it or questioning if something is wrong with her.

By expressing when she is hurt or upset, she will be more honest about her feelings. Identifying what serves her and what doesn’t serve her makes her feel good and what depletes her energy. 

13. Reassure her that it’s okay to say NO

“You’ve gotta keep control of your time and you can’t unless you say no. You can’t let people set your agenda in life.”

Warren Buffett

Being mindful of our time is a must in today’s busy lifestyle. It’s so important that we utilize our time wisely.

I get it!

Sometimes it’s difficult to say no to the people we love.

It feels terrifying! After all, we don’t want to hurt anyone. But here’s what happens when we are constantly saying YES:

  • We feel overwhelmed and burned out.
  • Struggle to find the time to do the things that we enjoy.
  • Put holds on our goals.
  • Get involved in things that do not serve us but deplete our energy.

Do you want this for your daughter?

Of course not!

We want our daughters to feel free, fulfilled, and liberated. 

Educate your daughter on the importance of saying no to things that don’t serve her. Things that are not in alignment with her. 

If your daughter is introverted or highly sensitive, saying no might seem to mean to her.

She may come across as impolite, losing her friends and loved ones. Instead, let her know that she can say – “No” gracefully to the things and people that do not serve her.

Check out this episode of Marie TV – The Ultimate Guide To Saying No. I bet you would love it! And maybe it will encourage you to say “No” to the things that do not serve you as well. 

14. Teach her not to fall, a victim to comparison

Self-love Mantras That Every Girl Needs To Hear

Comparison is the thief of joy.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

I’m not sure why we women constantly compare ourselves and what we have to others. I know social media doesn’t make it easier for us either. But, sometimes – we have to remind ourselves that what we see on the outside or on social media posts doesn’t reflect reality.

Commit to raising strong and confident daughters by reminding them that they are enough. She’s a special and unique girl. She’s perfect just the way she is, and she doesn’t have to compare herself to others or be like anyone other than herself.

Teach her to express gratitude for who she is and where she is in life, rather than want to be or have what someone else got. Let her know it’s OK to admire someone but always be true to herself and who she is. She doesn’t have to be like anyone else to fit in. All she has to do is be herself.

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 15. Remind her not to be afraid of making mistakes

Life is not all sunshine.

We will fail!

We have all failed at something in our life before. And it’s through these failures we become who we are today. There’s nothing wrong with failing. There’s no need to feel embarrassed about our failures in life.

Remind your daughters that they will fail from time to time. Or time after time. And it’s OK.

Teach her to embrace the failures along her life’s journey because she will learn some of her most significant and most challenging lessons through these failures.

Share with her that everything happens for a reason. There’s a reason behind her failures, and bigger and better things await her. She has to be willing to keep going when the road ahead seems bumpy.

16. Spending time with your daughter 

Being present with your daughter can support you in raising strong and confident daughters. Sometimes, our daughters want their mommies to be there with them, giving them unconditional love. Enjoy her while she’s tiny. Play dollhouse and dress-up with her. For your teenage daughter, cuddle up and watch a movie of her choice with a tub of ice cream. Have a coffee date where you bond with her. Enjoy your daughter, as these little gestures could mold her into a strong, brave, and intelligent woman.

Before you know it, your daughter will be all grown up. So spend as much time as possible with her. 

17. Coach her to help other girls rather than compete with them

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”

James Keller

There’s so much to go around, and helping others will not cost us anything or take away anything from us.

In today’s world, we are all competing against each other. We believe if we share our success and how we succeed, others will too. And in so doing, they will take away from us.

There’s enough for all of us. And having an abundance mindset will allow us to attract more. While having a lack mindset will cause us to crave more and failing to appreciate our current situation.

Teach your daughter to be supportive of others’ success. When we support others in their journey, we are helping them, but we are also cultivating an abundance mindset that will help us pivot in life.

James Kellar - A candle loses nothing by lighting another


18. Introduce her to meditation 

Introducing your daughter to meditation will help her thrive in all areas of her life. She will be the happiest girl you know. Meditation will help her deal with stress in every area of her life. 

That’s why I highly recommend you introduce your daughter to ZivaKIDS. 

ZivaKIDS was created by my meditation teacher, Emily Fletcher, from Ziva Meditation. Her goal is to help kids thrive and become the happiest kid ever. 

I have personally used this with my kids and it’s a phenomenal way for them to learn about self-love and acceptance and how to embrace their authenticity while managing stress better. 

ZivaKids will not disappoint you but rather bring happiness into your kid’s and your family’s lives. 


Raising strong and confident daughters who will embrace their authentic selves and push through all limitations to achieve the life they desire. They will know their worth and will be kind to themselves, knowing that the person who finds her is a lucky one.

Ladies, assure your daughters every day that they are loved. You believe in them and that you can’t wait to see her blossom into the beautiful woman she is meant to be. 

As usual, let me know your takeaways from this post below in the comments and how you plan to inspire your daughters to be strong and confident.

Now is also an excellent time to visit – raising strong and confident daughters’ quotes. 


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