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14 Habits of A Successful Mom

The one thing that separates calm, confident moms from flustered moms is building daily habits into their routines. Routines are the only way I stay organized and calm as a busy homeschooling CEO mom. As an everyday “do-it-all” mom, I strongly believe that building routines into your lifestyle will massively impact your life. In the blog today, I share 14 habits of a successful mom.

Read on to see what they are. 🙂

A mom wearing a beautiful but simple red dress with her son about 7 hugging her from behind, Both mom and son are smiling happily. 14 habits that successful moms have.

14 Habits of a Successful Mom

1. Successful moms wake up early

The thought of waking up early in the morning might make you cringe. But waking up before everyone else in your home gives you that extra time to tend to yourself. Whether it is to get everything organizes to ensure a smooth morning flow. Or you are utilizing that time for daily self-care.

As a homeschooling mom who runs a blog and online store, waking up early every day allows me to serve myself first. I can commit to my morning routine, which is non-negotiable, and still have sufficient time to either check emails or work on my blog.

What will waking up fifteen minutes before everyone else in your home do for you?

Try waking up five minutes earlier tomorrow morning, then 10 minutes the next day, followed by 15 minutes the day after, and so forth.

With consistency, it will get easier and easier and eventually become one of your daily habits.

2. Hydrate first thing in the morning

As a busy mom, the first thing you are probably reaching for is that morning cup of coffee. But before you do, go for that cup of coffee. Consider hydrating with a big glass of water first thing in the morning.

Hydrating first thing in the morning will flush out your stomach and hydrate your lymphatic system, allowing you to build a strong immune system that will prevent you from getting sick. And let’s face it, as the mom who does it all, you want to strengthen that immune system of yours!

You can also add a teaspoon of chai seeds to that first glass of water to get more fiber into your diet.

Someone, you may need that cup of coffee as your first drink, and that’s okay. Give yourself some grace when you need to, and return to your routine when you can.

3. Get your body moving

Moving your body may sound cliche, but getting in the habit of moving your body will bring you a magnitude of success. A daily habit of moving your body in the morning will give you clarity and help you stay focused during your day. It enables you to feel rejuvenated and ready to face the day ahead.

Admittedly some mornings, I don’t feel like doing a workout, and when this happens, I do some light stretches and twists.

If you’re not someone who enjoys working out regardless of the time of day. Maybe you could consider touching your toes and stretching your arms every morning while your coffee brews. Naturally, it will become a part of your daily habits.

4. Successful moms make every day a purposeful day

Make every day purposeful by showing up and doing your best as a mom, whether you’re a stay-at-home mama or a working mom. Make every day count by doing and being the best version of yourself.

To be the best version of yourself, you need to ask yourself – what does being the best version of yourself mean to you?

And step into that version of yourself.

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5. Succesful moms ditch comparison

As humans, we are hardwired to compare ourselves to others living the life we desire. But in so doing, we lose our self-worth, and self-esteem issues creep up on us, which makes us feel less than others.

When you compare yourself to others, you are saying that you are not worthy or good enough to achieve the same or even better success than that person.

That belief will only deplete you, finding ways to prove that you are not worthy of happiness. (which is not true)

Often when we see someone’s success, we only see the iceberg of their success. We don’t see the diligent work and endless failures and hardship it took one to get there.

So the next time you compare yourself, take time to pause and flip that comparison into admiration.

Let that person’s success; inspire you to pave your own story. Cheer the person on and learn from them rather than compare.

When you flip comparison into motivation, it encourages you to go after the life you want.

Successful moms don’t compare but instead uplift and cheer on others.

6. Don’t overthink things

We’ve all been on that side of things where we said good morning to someone and didn’t get a reply. Maybe you overheard a conversation and assumed the person was gossiping about you.

You texted a friend, and she didn’t reply right away. So what do you do?

Of course, assume you did something to offend her, and now she hates you. Rather than have a positive outlook on things – maybe your friend is busy at the moment and doesn’t have time to reply immediately. Or, perhaps the person didn’t hear you when you said – “good morning.”

Stop making assumptions about people’s reactions and reframe your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Now, negative thoughts are not going to vanish overnight. They are here to stay. That’s why taking control of them is vital rather than allowing them to control you.

From the moment you sense negative thoughts taking control of you. Speak to it, let it know it’s not welcome, and switch it to one that makes you feel empowered rather than drained.

You are not your thoughts. And your thoughts are not you or the truth. So please don’t allow them to control you.

7. Pause before responding

Do you recall a time when you said something and wished you could take it back?!

My hands are up! I have done this more times than I would like to admit. Especially in my twenties.

Someone would say something that triggered or offended me. And instead of pausing before responding, I would often yell out my angry emotions, which led to conflicts and sleepless nights or arguments.

These days whenever someone provides me with their opinions or gives unsolicited advice, I usually take a deep breath (an intense breath- if you will)  and do either two things.

  1. Say thank you, and take it with a grain of salt. Or.
  2. I let what they said to soak in, then pivoted the conversation back to them.

It takes practice. But through repetition, you will quickly master pausing before responding to any toxic comment thrown your way.

8. Commit to your personal growth

Your growth is inevitable! Be willing to learn and grow.

It’s the best investment you will ever make in your life. And like every other one of these daily habits for success as a mom. Taking small actionable steps will allow you to see the transformation you desire.

We often use time and money as excuses for not investing in ourselves. But the more we do this, the more we hinder our growth.

If money is tight- google the programs that spark your interest. I bet there’s a free training or workshop online that can help support you with no obligation to sign up for their premium program. Also, when you signup for a workshop or program, commit to doing the work. Not because it’s free means, it’s not good.

I have done many free workshops and webinars online and have learned so much from them, Because every time I begin a new training, I go in as if I’m a newbie. Even If I already know what is being taught, I still give my 100% focus.


For starters, every online educator has a methodology for teaching. And sometimes, one person may explain more than the other in their unique way. As a student, I can stack what I learned from training A onto training B.

When it comes to time management- perform an audit for a week, recording how you spend every second of your day. Including the time spent looking at your phone, replying to text messages, or aimlessly scrolling social.

You’ll realize you have pockets of time to invest in yourself. Maybe 15 minutes after lunch, then another 10 minutes before bed, and so forth.

Make time to do the things that will take you closer to your dreams.

9. Create more whitespace in your life

We live in a culture that glorifies the hustle and bustle. Think of it – how often do you say you are busy when someone asks – ” how have you been doing”?

Carve out time in your day to be rather than do. Make time for rest and be present with yourself and those you love.

Connect with yourself and recognize your needs and wants. Recognize the things that make you feel flustered and those that drive you. Then commit to doing more things that inspire you to be the best and healthiest version of yourself.

You could create a personal sanctuary to create more whitespace in your life.

Your personal sanctuary could be an image of you sitting near a pool, feeling calm and relaxed as you smell and take a sip of your favorite latte, which you’re holding in your hands. Maybe it’s imagining yourself sitting along a beautiful bed of flowers near a stream of crystal clear running water. You could even imagine yourself sitting on top of a mountain top with a beautiful waterfall behind you.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed or need some time to yourself, close your eyes, picture yourself in that sanctuary, and connect to the emotions and energy being in your sanctuary brings to you.

10. Let go and move on

When you master the courage to forgive, you can heal yourself. Heal from the wounds and pain that brought you discomfort in life. Letting go allows you to move forward, paving the way to a new life season.

Forgiving doesn’t mean you are weak or you were wrong. It is simply your decision to let the past be the past and move on in life,

Suppose you are holding on to any emotions, thoughts, guilt, or grudges that are drawing you. Heal yourself today by letting them go.
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11. Don’t give or take unsolicited advice

We live in a time when everyone is willing to give unsolicited advice. And I have been on both ends – receiving unsolicited advice and even giving unsolicited advice.

I have learned over the years to listen and empathize with others and only give advice when I’m solicited to.

And, as I mentioned earlier, when someone gives unsolicited advice, take it with a grain of salt or pivot the conversation by setting boundaries for yourself.

12. Successful moms ask for help when needed

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It doesn’t mean you are incapable. Asking for help is proof that you are ready to grow. It’s proof that you are saying yes to prioritizing your health, having a healthy work-life balance, and saying no to burnout and the hustle and bustle culture. Requesting help when needed will bring about the success you want to achieve as a mommy.

13. Successful moms are unapologetic

Embrace your truth and ambitions fearlessly and unapologetically. Design a life you love by doing what lights your heart and soul on fire.

Don’t suppress your ideas or allow someone to. Own your truth and be proud of who you are. There’s only one of you, and so be you!

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14. Say no when you want to say no

As a recovering people pleaser, I remember saying yes to everyone and everything, even when I didn’t want to.

You see, it’s so much easier to say yes than no. Because saying yes, make the other person happy. While saying no makes you feel guilt or worry over what the other person will think of you.

If it just doesn’t feel right, you don’t want to do something or go somewhere. Say no to it without guilt.

Saying no will help you set boundaries while identifying what serves you and doesn’t.

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Habits of a Successful Mom Action Steps

A big white circle ontop of a mom sign that showcase how to build and maintain daily habits as a mama.

As someone who thrives on success and happiness, you may be tempted to dive into every one of these steps immediately. And while that’s great and you can for sure. Eventually, you will feel overwhelmed after a while, and it will feel more like a task rather than a healthy habit of a successful mom.

That’s why I prefer the stacking method and the 1% rule I learned from James Clear’s book Atomic Habits.

The 1% rule states that you need to be slightly better than you were yesterday by 1%. Small but effective changes will bring about steady and long-term growth. Maintain the idea of improving a habit by 1% every day.

The stacking concept is – as you get better at a habit and can maintain it daily, you implement another practice and stack upon it.

Daily habits will bring about success in your life both as a mom and an ambitious woman, So go out there to build habits that will allow you to be the calm, confident and booming mother you desire to be.

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