This is an image of a relaxing spa. There are light candles, towels and flowers sitting next to a tub. The captions read gifts for new moms that aren't for the baby.

Gifts For New Moms That Aren’t For The Baby

When a new baby comes along, all focus goes to him! Why not? After all, everyone awaited his arrival! But, wait, what about mom? Doesn’t she also deserve some pampering for her dedication to the baby? She sure does! So how can we show mom that we appreciate her for her outpouring love and commitment to her newborn? My friend, you’re in luck! Because from one mom to another – I’ve compiled a list of gifts for new moms that aren’t for the baby.

This is an image of a relaxing spa. There are light candles, towels and flowers sitting next to a tub. The captions read gifts for new moms that aren't for the baby.

Self-care is vital when you’re a new mom. However, with a new baby around, mom may forget the importance of caring for herself. Or, like many moms, she may feel guilt for taking care of herself.

Gifting mom something specifically for her and not her baby will reassure her there are no reasons to feel guilt when taking care of herself.

She will feel rejuvenated and confident while enjoying those first months of motherhood.

When a mom can dedicate time and care to herself, she’s less likely to feel alone, and depressed, and question her worth as a woman and new mom.

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So without further ado. Here are 15 gifts for new moms that are not for the baby

15 gifts for new moms that are not for the baby

1. Organic Herbal Sitz Bath

Mom has just given birth. Please help her take care of herself with an organic herbal sitz bath. Herbal compresses are filled with organic herbs such as sea salt, oatmeal, witch hazel leaves, and more!

Come in individual herbal sachets packages, which are perfect for one-time use. The compresses will help ease pains that mom may be experiencing “down there.”

2. Organic Nipple Butter 

If a mom is breastfeeding, this organic nipple butter is a must! It helps soothe mom’s nipples, and even if it just happens to go into the baby’s mouth – it’s Non-GMO certified. 

Earth Mama Organics - Organic Nipple Butter

3. Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

Naturally, mom may judge or question herself early in her motherhood journey. Giving her a book that will guide her in becoming the best parent she possibly can be to her child is an extraordinary gift. This book will allow her some self-care as well as personal growth time.

4. Water bottles are perfect gifts for new moms

Mom needs to stay hydrated. Gifting her this 32 oz water bottle will encourage her to drink more water and stay hydrated to feel at her best.

5. Natural Handmade Self Care Gifts for Women by bath intentions 

We all know that mom will not be going to the spa any time soon. But you bet she’s thinking of it. That’s why you should consider getting mom the natural handmade self-care gifts for women by bath intentions. This set includes mini bath bombs, sugar scrub bonbons, shower steamer, and lotion.

6. New mom pampering gifts for new moms

You can choose from another beautiful gift basket is Wax & Wit – 7Pcs new mom pampering gifts. Got everything mom needs to feel relaxed and calm.

7. Postpartum journal for new moms

This journal is designed to help make postpartum easier. And who doesn’t like easy?! Perfect way to help mom heal by getting her thoughts out and down on paper.

As a new mom, I would love this journal!

Shop our New Postpartum Journal and Baby Essentials Collaboration with Goumi!

8. Good moms have scary thoughts

Another great book here for mom to read as she nurses baby. There are possibilities as a new mom; she may have scary thoughts of dropping her baby or not hearing him cry at night, or forgetting him in the parking lot.

9. Gift mom Ziva Meditation

Mediation has completely changed my life. If mom is into meditation, this will be the perfect gift to help her stay grounded and calm while being present with baby and herself. Ziva Meditation is one of my personal favorites.

Click here to learn more about Ziva Meditation and see if it’s a great fit for mom. 

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10. Ekouaer sleepwear women’s pajamas

Pajamas will be Mom’s best friends in the first few weeks. Gifting mom a pair of comfy PJs will make her so happy. Mom wants to be comfortable, and that’s what these Pjs will do for her. Super soft and cozy to wear all day long!

11. Soft memory foam clog indoor slippers perfect gift for postpartum

I can clearly remember receiving one of these from my mother-in-law, and I completely loved it. It’s super comfy! Mom will never want to take them off.

12. Bio-Oil

Mom will need lots of these to lighten some of her pregnancy scars, s there’s no need to feel weird about gifting her these. She will appreciate you for reminding her to care for herself.

13. Mom’s One Line A Day: A Five Year Memory Book

Journaling takes us through a journey that can transform our lives.

With a new baby on board, mom may not have the time and energy to sit and journal for 5 minutes daily. That’s why gifting her the Mom’s One Line A Day journal will be perfect for her.

This journal allows mom to record her motherhood journey every day with just a single thought. I wished I had this when I was a new mom. It’s the perfect gift for a creator like me to get ideas out of my head. This is a five-year memory book, making it a great keepsake to share with our little ones when they are grown up.

14. Bamboo Bathtub Tray Cadd

Mom would thank you because you’ve inspired her to sit in her tub and relax with a glass of wine while listening to her favorite podcast and a scented candle to help her tune in with herself. While getting the self-care and relaxation, she needs to fulfill her new role as a mom.

15. Gift Box for Mother by Silly Obsessions

This box got everything that is needed to spoil a new mom! From an aromatherapy candle to a pair of cotton socks, a sterling silver necklace, a travel mug, and so much more!


Mom may respond with – “you shouldn’t have!” Gifting a new mom, a gift that’s meant solely for her is such a thoughtful gesture.

It’s a gift she will cherish and may very well need but instead put her baby’s need first because, hey, that’s what we do best as moms!

Reminding a new mom to care for herself and not lose who she was before the baby arrived is essential in today’s culture.

A white and hot pink background. In the middle there is a beautiful transparent pink flower. The caption on this photo reads 15 gifts for new moms that aren't for the baby.

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