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11 Easy And Effective Ways To Reach Your Goals

Struggling to reach your goals? Even though you’ve tried it all and are heading down the path to being burned out? But deep within your bones, you know this is meant for you. My friend, you’re right! You are meant for only amazing things. And I’m rooting for your success because I believe in you. In today’s post, I share 11 easy and effective ways to reach your goals.

Let’s dive in!

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Whether your goal is to raise a strong, confident daughter and be more present with your kids. Improve your relationship with money and save more. Work from home and have the freedom you deserve as a mom while enjoying what you do. Or improve your relationships with others. Goals can be tough to achieve. Achieving goals can sometimes feel like spinning in a tub of mud. But why is it so hard to achieve goals? Others can achieve their goals, so why can’t I? How many times have you asked yourself those questions?

Why You Are Failing To Reach Your Goals

Here are 6 reasons you are most likely unable to easily and effectively reach your goals.

1. Setting vague and unrealistic goals 

We’ve all fallen victim to either setting unrealistic or vague goals at one point or the other. Setting goals that are not specific means we have no idea as to what we want. We may be setting this goal because of societal pressure or wanting to impress someone.

Examples of vague goals are – I want to lose weight, get rich, or start a business…

Unrealistic goals are goals that don’t resonate with you at a deeper level. And these goals, if I may be frank with you, are unachievable.

2. Not having an action plan in place to reach your goals 

We often have a to-do list in place rather than an action plan to reach our goals. I have done this for years. Seriously, all I did was write all my goals in a notebook and didn’t take it any further. Do you do the same?

In the beginning, we are excited to get to our goals. We hop in without executing a solid plan or putting strategizes in place for when we run into roadblocks. Which we will! And once we hit these bumps, our first instinct is to toss the towels in!

3. No accountability 

Failing to implement a plan to hold us accountable every step of the way can result in us – not staying consistent and taking actions or doing the things we say we would do. Not having a way to measure your progress can only recognize how far you still have to go and how much work is still needed. Rather than viewing it as – how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved.

4. Self-doubt is holding you back from reaching your goals

Self-sabotaging is real!

Allowing your ego and fear to control your thoughts may very well be why you are unable to reach your goals. If you are constantly reminding yourself that you are unable to achieve something. Guess what!?

You NEVER will achieve it!

5. Excuses 

What’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful people? That’s right!

Successful people find solutions to their problems, while people who stay stuck and are unsuccessful – are constantly buying into excuses. Which one are you? Who would you like to grow into?

6. Choose to quit 

Not everything in life comes easily. Sometimes it requires us to put in a little extra work and take action. And that’s where many of us are failing today! We choose to call the quits and give up on our dreams just because we need to work a tad harder – or compromise for a short bit.

Now, let me ask you – do any of the 6 reasons listed above resonates with you? Which one is it? What have you been doing that is holding you back from easily and effectively reaching your goals? Let me know in the comments below.

11 Easy And Effective Ways To Reach Your Goals

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Now that we’ve identified some of the reasons why you may not be reaching your goals. Let’s take a look at easy and effective ways to reach your goals. Shall we?

Here are 11 easy and effective ways to reach your goals that can be implemented – ASAP.

1. Be specific when setting your goals

Setting vague goals and goals that are not in alignment with your values and your truth are not your goals. These are goals that you are either setting because you believe it’s what others expect from you or have convinced yourself it’s what you should be doing.

When setting your goals, take a few minutes and ask yourself these questions and be truthful with yourself. Asking yourself why at the end of your answers will take you deeper. Keep asking yourself why until you no longer have an answer. Being as specific as you can when setting your goals will give you clarity as to what you really want and you will be able to set goals that are in alignment with your values.

5 questions to ask yourself when setting goals:
  • You wake up and found yourself lost on a tropical island. There’s no limitation here. Money, childcare, family obligation (fill in what’s holding you back here.) You are allowed to be/do and have anything in life. What will you choose and why?
  • What do I want to achieve within the next three months? Why, why, why?
  • When I achieve this goal, where would I like to go from here? Why, why, why?
  • What will be your biggest regret if you don’t achieve in this one life of yours? Why, why, why?
  • What does your perfect day look and feel like? Grab your journal and write everything from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed.

A vague goal will sound like this. I want to lose 10 pounds to go to my best friend’s wedding.

A detailed goal will sound more like this. I want to lose 10 pounds so I can feel good in my body. I can go about my day doing the things that truly light me up without feeling burned out while living a healthy and longer life.

Do you see the difference?

Now, take a few minutes to go through the journal prompts above so you can gain clarity on your goals and be specific with your desires.

2. Set reasonable and achievable goals 

Another easy and effective way to reach your goals is to set achievable goals. Too many times we set goals that are too far-fetched.

Goals that are out of our reach. Now, I’m not saying don’t dream big. Because I truly believe the skies are your limits. You can dream as big as you want and know it’s possible. But here’s the thing. Don’t set your goals SO high that it feels like you are not getting closer to them. Set your goals in increments. With each increment taking you closer to your big goals.

Here’s an example:

Your goal is to lose 20 pounds so that you can live a healthy life.

You can set increments of losing 5 pounds every week/ bi-weekly/monthly (fill in the blank). So instead of focusing on losing 20 pounds which sometimes feels impossible. Your aim now is to lose 5 pounds. And once you’ve achieved that goal of losing 5 pounds. Set another goal, to lose 5 pounds until you’ve lost your big goal of 20 pounds.

Seeing progress motivates us to keep going, and that’s exactly what setting smaller goals will do for you.

3. Have an action plan in place to reach your goals 

Do you have an action plan in place to help you reach your goals? Do you stick to your step-by-step plan, or after one week you completely, forget that it ever existed?

Chances are you are not reaching your goals because you don’t have a detailed plan in place to help you achieve your goals. Implementing a plan on how you will achieve your goals, what steps you are going to take, who will help you, and when you are going to achieve your goals will give you favorable results when it comes to crushing those goals of yours.

4. Set ways to hold yourself accountable

Consistency and persistence are key to reaching your goals. So how can you stay consistent and be persistent when it comes to achieving your goals?

That’s right! By holding yourself accountable. And how do you do this?

You can hold yourself accountable by showing up and working towards your goal even when you don’t feel like it. You know, those days when you feel like monkeying around and not doing much? Still, show up and commit to doing at least one thing that will drive you closer to your goals.

Take a few minutes and review your action plan from step one every night. Reflect on what you’ve accomplished and what you didn’t. Journal what you can do differently, so you accomplish the things you didn’t and reward yourself for what you’ve accomplished.

5. Identify your strengths and improve on your weakness

Miles Davis's quote - Do not fear mistakes there are none.

What are the things you are good at? Love doing and have fun with? In what areas do you need help? What are you struggling with, when it comes to achieving your goals? What do you find complicated and dislike working on?

Identifying your strengths and weakness cultivates self-awareness. And when we can pinpoint what we are good at – we can focus on those areas. And can ask for help in areas we are struggling in.

6. Seek help

An easy and effective way to reach your goals is to seek help! How many times have you failed because you were too proud to get help from someone? Or assume the answer will be “NO” without asking?

Getting help doesn’t demonstrate weaknesses. It showcases a sense of willingness to learn. And you will never get what you want if you don’t ask. So, ask for what you want.

Don’t throw your dreams away because you’re afraid of seeking help. Get help when you need it so you can reach your goals with ease.

7. Remove yourself from toxicity 

If someone or something is holding you back from reaching your goals – or are constantly telling you that your goals are not achievable. Stay clear of them and find a community or accountability partner who understands you. Surround yourself with the right people. People who will inspire and uplift you while cheering you on.

8. Don’t give up

The skies are the limit.

Dream big and hold on to those dreams. We all experience bumps and hurdles throughout this journey call life. It’s inevitable. And when it comes to reaching your goals, there’s no doubt that you will encounter similar situations. When this happens, go back to your journal prompts in point # 1. Reflect on your “WHY.” Why did you want to achieve this goal in the first place? And daydream on the what if’s of having reached your goals. The emotions you would feel from having accomplished this goal of yours. And how much your life can transform when you achieve this goal of yours. 

Don’t throw the towel in when life gets tough. Keep the focus, stay persistent and be consistent!

9. Build healthy habits 

Why have you been failing to reach your goals? What have you been doing in the past that’s not working for you? Do you require the self-discipline to reach your goals? What is keeping you stuck? Are you self-sabotaging your goals?

Take some time and reflect on what you’ve been doing in the past that’s holding you back from achieving your goals. And once you do, STOP DOING IT! And build new, healthy habits into your lifestyle so you can easily and effectively reach your goals.

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10. Be kind to yourself  

” Do not fear mistakes there are none.” – Miles Davis

Being kind to yourself will support you in reaching your goals. Too many times, we are hard on ourselves when we don’t get the results we were hoping for. This negative energy that we vibrate keeps us playing small. It tricks us into believing that we are not deserving of having this goal and that we are not good enough.

When things do not go as plan, just know it’s okay. Embrace it and be compassionate with yourself. Because you deserve it!

11. Set deadlines for your goals

Do you set deadlines for your goals? Do you follow through and stick to them? Or, do you dread setting deadlines?

Setting deadlines is one of the best ways you can easily and effectively reach your goals. How?

When we set deadlines we program ourselves to work around the clock to get it done. We prioritize what’s important and what’s not. You’re able to gauge your progress and recognize how much more is needed from you in order to accomplish your goal before the due date.

And sometimes, when you know that the clocking is ticking and getting closer to your deadline – you put in that extra effort to get the task completed. You begin to say no to that spontaneous playdate or coffee date, and instead become laser focus on reaching your goals.

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We set goals because it’s a burning desire that comes from within us. A desire that nature guides towards our path. If these goals of ours weren’t possible – we wouldn’t have dreamt of them.

There you’ve had it! 11 easy and effective ways to reach your goals. Now it’s up to you to crush them!

Leave me a comment telling me one of your biggest goals and how you plan on achieving this goal of yours. And please share this post with someone who may benefit from it.

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