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How You Can Commit To Personal Growth As A Mom

Have you been wondering how you can commit to personal growth as a mom? But worry, it’s too late? Or think It’s impossible to make changes at this stage of your life?

Don’t worry. You’ve landed on this page for a reason. Your life is about to transform!

It’s been over a year since the global 2020 pandemic hit! Wow! A lot has happened. As I reflect on the past year, I choose to focus on the good today. This past year I took the time to really and truly invest in myself and the things that serve me. As I reflect on my growth and how much I have evolved – I wanted to share with you all some easy ways that you can commit to personal growth as a mom too.

So if you are thinking – well, I’m just a mom, how much can I grow? Listen, the truth is, you can grow a lot!

With each passing day, we are evolving as humans. We are exposed to so much growth. Just look around you! Growth is happening all around you.

Is it always easy?! Maybe not.

Is it worth it?! Heck yes!

Your Growth is inevitable! Even as a mom.

And in today’s blog, I will share with y’all some easy ways you can commit to personal growth as a mom.

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Committing to your personal growth as a mom is essential Why Should You Commit To Personal Growth As A Mom

When you commit to your personal growth journey, you will notice a positive shift in your life. You will become more focused on gaining clarity as to who you are and what you want in your life. You will unlock your purpose and the things that bring joy to you setting, your heart and soul on fire.

Once you’ve gain clarity as to what you want and why you want it, you will begin to prioritize the things that serve you, setting achievable goals for yourself and eliminating the things that do not serve you.

When you commit to personal growth as a mom – you will become inspired – to keep learning new things and growing. Looking for ways to improve YOU so you can feel fulfilled, free and liberated. Living your best life.

When we are inspired, we feel good. And, when we feel good – we can attract the things we really want into our lives. This same good feeling helps us to stay calm during stressful times. Personal growth helps us to focus on the solutions rather than the problems.

While on my personal growth journey – I was able to gain clarity and discover my passion and purpose, and I believe so can you.

11 easy ways to commit to your personal growth journey as a mom

How You Can Commit To Personal Growth As A Mom

Our personal growth journey is ongoing. So get used to hanging out on this blog, reading self-help books, investing in yourself and always learning.

As moms, we all have unique ambitions, and as a result, our personal growth journey will look different from each other. But, regardless of what your desires are. I really would love to support you in your growth.

I’m passionate about helping moms who were once like me embrace their ambitions so they can start living their best lives while raising happy humans.

Here are 11 easy ways you can commit to personal growth as a mom. These are the exact things I did and still do on my own personal growth journey.

Be willing to change

Growth may not always be easy. Some days can be harder than others. But once you commit to personal growth as a mom, you must be willing to change.

I get it!

Change may not be your thing, and you may struggle with the idea. But here’s the thing! If – you want to improve your life, it means you have a vision of where you want to be and who you want to be. And that vision is not where you currently are at. Which means you have to change your current way of living and thinking.

Don’t fear changes. Welcome them and be brave enough to release old habits and cultivate new ones. You must be willing to change and ready to leap into the next best version of yourself. The version – you truly desire to be.

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Commit to learning and growing as a mom

Have you ever signed up for a course, and after a few minutes into the course, you feel like – you don’t need it because you already know what the instructor is teaching? Be honest with yourself when answering this question.

Sometimes our ego gets the better of us. It tricks us into believing we know it all. The time has come when Mrs. Ego has to take a back seat. And you get to be the driver of your life.

So whenever you begin a new training ( free or paid for) – go into that training as if you have no knowledge of what’s being taught and be opened minded to learning. By choosing to learn this way, you will always leave the training knowing something you didn’t already know. And believe me, that one little nugget can move you closer to your goals.

Even an expert can learn something new in her field. We can never know too much!

” If there’s anything worse than knowing too little, it’s knowing too much. Education will broaden a narrow mind, but there’s no known cure for a big head. The best you can hope is that it will swell up and bust.”

George Horace Lorimer

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and your personal growth

The fact that you are reading this blog tells me you are already investing in yourself. Congratulations on leaping!

I know hearing the word invest can give you the chills. Especially during these unprecedented times.

My friend, look around you. Growth is taking place everywhere you turn. And the good news is you can begin your personal growth journey today. All you really need is wifi.

Many free programs and courses are being offered by entrepreneurs these days. You can choose to invest your time by signing and showing up to the ones – that are in alignment with you and your goals?!

Udemy offers a variety of free courses as well. You can also look at YouTube videos, read blog posts ( which you’re already doing ), listen to podcasts or reading self-help books.

Did you see that?

My friend, not having finances shouldn’t be an excuse to hold you back from investing in yourself. Simply invest your time and commit to your personal growth.

Step out of your comfort zone

Fear usually keeps us stuck. There are two types of fears. The ones that we need to avoid because it’s dangerous. Like staying away from a sabre tooth tiger or not getting in front of a moving bus. But then, there’s the nervous and anxiety fear we all experience when moving towards something we want. The fear of being rejected, failing, judged or laughed at. This fear is designed to keep you stuck.

Every time we grow, it can feel scary, and you will want to curl up and stay in your safe zone.

I know I have in the past! I have questioned taking risks. Will it be worth it? What will happen if I failed at it? Would I be laughed at? If this is right and I should be doing it, then why am I afraid?

These questions will pop into your mind, and there will be days where you feel afraid. The key is to trust yourself and let your intuition guide you.

Be resilient

As I mentioned earlier, growth can be hard. But it’s essential in becoming the best version of ourselves. There will be days where you feel like it’s not worth it, or you can’t do it.

I had days like those too. It’s quite normal.

When you feel this way, take a break – do something different. Spend time with your kids, go for a walk, relax.

Never give up on your dreams!

When you fall, remind yourself – that we learn some of our greatest lessons through failures. I know, I have! Pick yourself up and continue on your personal growth journey.

Commit to personal growth as a mom by making time for yourself

Like I mentioned earlier – we have to invest our time to learn new things. As moms, we feel there are not enough hours in a day. We are busy being present with our kids, taking care of the house and the list continues.

I get it! I’m a mom as well. And yes, it’s a challenge finding the time! But if we keep making excuses, like we don’t have enough time. Guess what?! We will never get anything done or create the change we want in our lives.

Carve some time out for yourself every day, where you can focus on YOU. It may very well mean waking up earlier, going to bed earlier or saying no to Netflix or your favourite soap opera and dedicating that time to your personal growth as a mom.

Embrace your desires

“Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

So what is it you really want in life? If you can have anything, what would it be? What do you really and truly want in life? Ask yourself these questions, and whenever you come up with an answer, keep asking yourself why. Why is it you want it? By asking why you are digging to find a deeper and more meaningful answer. Think about the things you love doing during your spare time and do it.

Don’t worry about being judged. Just be you and do you and follow your dreams.

Surround yourself with like-minded moms or women

Community is so important while on your personal growth journey because, believe it or not, some of your loved ones or friends may not quite understand your journey at the beginning stage, and while you will be excited to share your many success stories with them. They may not be interested in hearing you. An effective way to handle this – would be to join personal development groups on Facebook or find mummy friends who may share the same value with you.

Now don’t be alarmed that you may lose friends. In the process, you will gain true friends that will always be by your side.

Sometimes when the friends and family members who didn’t believe in you or understood your journey at the start begin to witness your growth, they will begin asking for suggestions. And that’s when you get to share your journey and maybe support them!


As moms, we have so many things running through our minds. That’s why it’s super important to get those thoughts onto paper. Getting our thoughts onto paper (journaling) is also one of the most effective self-care habits, and the best part is-it’s probably the cheapest too!

Writing in a journal can help you uncover some of our many limiting beliefs and their root causes. It can boost our confidence, improve our moods, and even help us sleep better at night.

O.K. I know you are probably wondering so – what should I write about?

Hey! You can write about anything. From the way you are feeling to how you were treated by someone. From what you want in this life to how you want to feel.

Here is some journaling prompts to get you started

  • How do I want to feel today?
  • Why am I worrying over _____________________?
  • List 3 things you are grateful for and why?
  • When you think about not being able to achieve your goals or failing. What do you think about it?
  • What kind of conversations do you have with the people you hang out with? Do you enjoy those conversations? If so, why? If not why?
  • What makes you feel happy?
  • What area of your life would you like to change and why?

Grab yourself a journal and spend about 10-15 minutes writing about anything that comes up for you daily. Remember, this journal is only for your eyes, so don’t hold back anything. Release your emotions onto paper freely and connect with your inner self.


Once you begin your personal growth journey, you will begin to grow spiritually. Your relationship with God, source, and universe (whatever you call your creator) will strengthen. You will become more connected to God and nature and learn to trust your intuition and have faith in your dreams and yourself.


Meditation has been life-changing for me. It has kept me calm and at peace, through the global pandemic and the many lockdowns we’ve had within the last year. It has supported me on days where I wasn’t in alignment with my truth or felt fearful of a situation.

Now, you don’t need to sit on a mountain top or be an expert to meditate. You can meditate by simply closing your eyes and taking deep breaths if this is new or overwhelming to you.

Meditation is also easily accessible on YouTube these days. Just search for short 10 minutes meditataion.

Some of my favorite meditations are by Deepak Chopra and Gabby Bernstein

Like I mentioned earlier on the blog – personal development is ongoing.

There’s nothing like knowing too much!

Fortunately, you will never wake up one morning and realize there’s no more work left to do on yourself. There’s always going to be room to be a better you.

Are you ready to commit to your personal growth as a mom?

If you are, please share your burning ambitions and what you are working towards in life in the comments below.

I’m rooting for you, mommas!

Are you ready to commit to your personal growth journey


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Anna K. is a wife, mom X 2, an online entrepreneur, founder, and content creator of What Mommy Wants—a blog for moms who want to level up their lives by strengthening their mindsets and focusing on personal growth.

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  1. Personal growth is super important as a mom. Gotta love yourself to be happy with yourself.

  2. Hi Anasha! I really love this blog post about committing to personal growth as a mom. I have a 2.5-year-old, and even though I am tired and busy, it is super important to grow and nurture ourselves as moms. I agree with all of the tips you have here. I have tried journaling and it really works! Have you tried the morning pages? Basically, when you first wake up in the morning before you do anything else you write 3 full pages in your journal of everything that’s on your mind. For me, it’s also a form of meditation and channeling. It works really well for creatives and entrepreneurs! It has helped me tremendously when I feel stuck on something or I need a boost.

  3. Being a mom takes most of our personal time away but we should not stop growing. I love what you said about accepting change and journaling. Change is inevitable.

  4. Kimmy says:

    I found this extremely helpful!

  5. I am working on these and your post really reconfirms I am doing things the right way and is full of affirmations for me ..

  6. I would love to try journaling some time. I feel like everything is so scattered and it would be good to have some focus.

  7. I most definitely want to start journaling again. It gives me space for me!

  8. Great tips and all so true, thank you for post!

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