A day showing his 8 year old son how to do dishes. The caption of this photo reads A list of chores for 8-year-olds. .
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A-List Of Chores For 8-Year-Olds

Got an 8-year old who loves helping out at home? But not sure what chores are age-appropriate for an 8-year-old? Then you’re in luck! I have recently put together a list of chores for 8-year-olds and will be sharing that with y’all today!

A day showing his 8 year old son how to do dishes. The caption of this photo reads A list of chores for 8-year-olds. .

When kids ask to help around the house, we need to allow them to do just that. As parents, our first instinct may be – oh, you’re too young to help mummy. How about you do this instead?

Of course, you’re not going to allow an 8-year-old to work with a sharp knife or do any chores that put her safety at risk. But an 8-year-old can and will love to use a vacuum or a broom. So why not let them enjoy the experience?!

Chores support kids with their self-esteem. It provides them with a sense of belonging. They are psyched that they can give back to their parents by contributing a helping hand.

Chores help kids learn responsibility. When everyone pitches in and does their part – there is less stress or burden on one person. My guess is that person – is usually you?

Chores help make life easier for everyone. And who doesn’t like easy!?

One of my favorite thing about having chores is the opportunity to bond with each other.

Here is my list of chores for 8-year-olds.

List of chores for 8-year-olds

1. 8-year-olds can make their bed

Wouldn’t it be nice if the only bed you made was yours?

Your child can make his bed way before turning 8. If you haven’t introduced your child to making her bed, do it today! Ensure that your child has enough room on all sides to move around the bed. And make the bed together with her (preferably in the morning when she wakes) for about a week so she can learn from her all-time favorite mentor.

The goal here is not to have a pretty bed. It’s to teach your child responsibility, allow her to feel confident in what she’s doing, and respect her space and things.

2. Let your 8-year-olds tidy their room

At this age, kids are becoming more independent and may choose to have more alone time in their rooms. Whether it is to go on their tablets, play with toys, or do crafts.

Cleaning her room will inspire her to decorate and organize her room the way she wants. Allowing her to tap into her creativity while creating an outlet that feels right to her.

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3. Folding and putting away laundry as chores for 8-year-olds

I don’t know about you! But, it takes me two days to get laundry done. probably because I do a million things at the same time. I start laundry on Saturday evening and don’t finish until Sunday afternoon. No kidding!:-)

And it’s usually the folding and packing into everyone’s drawers that take the most time.

You got an 8-year-old sitting around. Then get him to fold and pack his clothes away. Doing laundry together lets you chat with your 8-year-old about things he likes or what’s happening in school. His favorite TV shows or what games he’s into. You can also share things about yourself with your 8-year-old. Strengthening the bond you both share.

I bet you will agree there’s so much more to doing chores with your 8-year-old?!

4. Vacuuming/sweeping the floors 

Great if you have one of those robot vacuums. Then the robot does it all for ya!

But if not. Show your 8-year-old how to use the vacuum and clean the areas that you desire. Similarly, show your kid how to sweep using a broom.

5. Rinsing of dishes and utensils, then load into the dishwasher

This chore for 8-year-olds is determined by – your child’s skill set. Some eight-year-olds are a bit more mature than others. So you have to be the judge here.

Demonstrate to your 8-year-old how he needs to throw the crumbs off the plate into the garbage. Rinse food off the plates and utensils ( with the exceptions of knives and other sharp objects) and how it needs to be loaded into the dishwasher.

You should be present with your child for as long as he needs your support with this chore. And always double-check to ensure the dishes have been loaded properly before turning the dishwasher on.

6. Unloading the dishwasher is a chore 8-year-olds can commit to

This is a list of chores for 8- year-olds. The same list that is provided is inserted into this square.

The same dishes and utensils that your 8-year-old was allowed to put into the dishwasher. She can now help with taking them out of the dishwasher and packing them away.

Now, if you have high cupboards that your 8-year-old cannot reach. You will have to pitch in and support her.

Here’s another opportunity to bond and share stories that will last a lifetime.

7. Setting the table 

Whatever the occasion is. Let your 8-year-old help out with setting the table. Whether it’s an everyday family dinner, a lavish Thanksgiving, or a Christmas dinner.

Your child can place the utensils, plates, napkins, and some lighter dishes on the table. Before you know it, your table will be set and ready for dinner!

8. Cleaning up the table after meals 

Do you sometimes feel like, after dinner, everyone is relaxing in the family room? And you are the only one left in the kitchen to do it all?

I used to! As the control and clean freak I am, I thought I had to do it all. But not anymore because my kind and helpful 8-year-old daughter is always helping mommy. I’m so thankful for her help, and the time we spend together as mom and daughter. She shares her day at school with me, what some of her favorite YouTubers are doing, and so much more!

9. Packing groceries is such a fun chore for 8-year-olds

After running errands and coming home from grocery shopping. I’m usually pretty tired. What about you?

Kids love knowing what’s in the pantry and where they can go searching for snacks. So why not have them help out with packing groceries?

This will eliminate how often they call mommy in a day to help find them a snack.

10. Grab their snacks

When kids are home, they always look for something to munch on. They are growing kids, so it’s expected after all!

We allowed our 8-year-olds to help pack groceries. So obviously, they know where all the snacks are! Now they can help themselves by grabbing their snacks.

But remember, it’s our duty as mothers to teach our children hygienic practices – like washing hands, fruits/veggies, and wiping the counters…

11. Help outdoors by raking leaves during the Fall

I love Fall! From cozy drinks to sweaters to Halloween candies to warm soups. But raking leaves? Not so much!

Grab a kid-friendly rake and head outside with your 8-year-old. It’s time to create some of the best memories ever with your kid/s. Have fun raking the leaves with your kids. And make sure to grab some pics!

Life is too short not to enjoy every moment. And nature is too good to soak up all alone. 🙂

12. Watering the backyard garden or flowers on your porch

Kids love water! While I do allow my 5-year-old to help out with watering plants. I will not yet give him this task to do alone. But my 8-year-old? Heck yes! My 5-year-old loves watering the plants; however, he tends to waste a lot more water than I want to admit. My 8-year-old is much better. So this chore is for her, and she loves it. I’m sure your 8-year-old would too.

How To Approach Chores For 8-year-olds

A girl wearing mask and gloves holding a spray bottle in her hands while cleaning the mirror in a washroom. The caption of this photo reads how to approach chores for 8-year-olds.

Not every day will be the same when it comes to giving 8-year-old chores to do. Somedays, they will be super excited. On other days they will not be onboard.

What can you do in these situations? Here are some things you can consider.

1. Discuss the situation with your child

Get your child’s feedback on why they are not on board. Is she tired? Not interested in doing the chores? Maybe she’s busy with another activity?

Talk to your child calmly to understand her feeling. Volunteer to help her with the chore.

Demanding and forcing our kids to do chores will only end up in a battle. A battle that is not worth it and can be avoided by you doing the chore.

Sometimes a fight with an 8-year-old is just not worth it!

2. Don’t expect perfectionism from your 8-year-old

Thriving for perfectionism is thriving for the unknown. Don’t put too much pressure on your 8-year-old. Adopt a layback approach as to how your 8-year-old does her chores. It’s the little things that someone does for you that matter.

3. Praise your child’s efforts    

Don’t we all feel good when receiving a complimentary? 8-year-olds are no different! They love it and want more of it. Prase your child – after he has completed his chore. Tell him how proud you are of his work and the great human he is growing into.

It’s so important to remind our kids as often as possible that we are proud of them.

4. Stay Consistent with your list of chores 

Adopt a routine and stay consistent with granting chores to your 8-year-old. If you give her chores today and then don’t until another month. She’s not going to be as enthusiastic about it. She will lose interest and quickly grasp the idea that the chore gets done by mummy or daddy when I don’t do it. Chores are not mandatory and will soon become her mindset.

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How To Keep Up With Chores For 8-Year-Olds 

The easiest thing to do is – discuss with your child what tasks she would like to do this week. Then on Sunday or whatever day works for you. Make a chart and list all her chores down and the date and time next to them. Leave this chart on your refrigerator and give her a copy for her room.

Give her clear and precise instructions and gentle reminders when needed.

Have fun with the process. And let it be easy.

Allowances For Doing Chores 

Should you give allowances to your 8-year-olds for chores?

This is a personal choice, and honestly, it’s up to you. Some may argue that chores are given to a child to help them learn responsibilities. So you don’t have to pay them.

Which I understand.

I will not give my 8-year-old money for making her bed or putting her laundry away. As I believe those are lifelong lessons and healthy habits kids should adopt at the right age.

At the same time, I believe that helping rake the leaves and watering the plants, or setting the table requires an incentive. Which I do give to my 8-year-old so she can cultivate a healthy relationship with money at an early age.

What’s your stance on giving 8-year-olds allowances for the chores they do? Share with us in the comments below.

This is an image of a girl sweeping. In the photo you can only see her white shoes and denim jeans and the broom and dust pan. This image is inserted into a bigger pink box. The caption of this image reads 12 chores for 8-year-olds.

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