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Best Parenting Tips For Moms

I can vividly recall always wanting to know If I was doing a great job raising my daughter as a new mom. I wanted others’ (mostly family members) validations. That yes! I was a good mom. Do you feel that way as well? But more so, are you sick and tired of looking for validation from others on your parenting style? Today on the blog, I will be sharing my best parenting tips for moms. Parenting tips I wished I knew when I first became a mom.

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My Best Parenting Tips for Moms

1. Believe in yourself as a parent

There’s no right or wrong way when it comes to parenting.

There are several ways and methods of parenting that work for one parent that will not work for you. And that’s okay because you and your children are unique and may have different upbringings.

Don’t trick yourself into believing that you are a failure when it comes to parenting because your parenting style differs from your sister-in-law’s. If her style of parenting works for her – great! Let her do her, and you continue to do what works for you and your children.

You are everything your kids need!

Embrace those imperfect motherhood days and remind yourself daily that you are doing the best you can.

And you will continue to do the best you can for your children.

Being the best mom for your children starts with you believing in yourself and your capabilities. Knowing deep in your heart that you are everything your children need.

When you become a believer in yourself. You are on the road that leads to where you want to go.

Norman Vincent Peale.

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2. Advocate for yourself and your kids

Too often, moms are given unsolicited advice and are shame by others. Whether that is getting the “look at you” eyes from the passerby when your baby or toddler cries uncontrollably in a store.

Omg! He’s three and not potty trained yet! Sneaky comment from your sister-in-law, who thinks she’s parenting better than you.

The mom at the park who gives you that gross look!

I’m not sure why – but mom-shaming is real!

It lowers your self-esteem and makes you feel horrible. It makes you feel embarrassed, wishing your child and you were “perfect.”

You know those feelings too well! Don’t you?!

And it’s time you shout from the “rooftop” – “enough is enough!”

Your child doesn’t deserve to hear these “wasted” comments.

And you don’t deserve to feel like you’ve failed your kids. Or is not giving them the care they need.

Advocate for yourself and your kids.

The next time someone makes a sneaky comment or gives you unsolicited parenting advice, you can use some of these responses.

  • ” Thanks for the parenting advice, but I trust myself to make the best decisions for my kids and their wellbeing.” So how have things been going with you?
  • ” I’m not interested in discussing my child’s needs with you. Thank you!” Tell me, how have things been going with you?
  • “Thanks for that tip, but every child is unique and learns and grows differently.”
  • “Hey, you do what works for you and your children. And I will do me and what’s best for my kiddos.” So how is your mom doing? Do you have plans for summer?
  • ” We are here to have fun at the park/ arena. Let’s enjoy the day.”
  • ” That’s great! I’m happy for you!”

Use one of these distractors or find one you are comfortable with, and pivot away from these unsolicited parenting tips for moms by turning the question to them and changing the conversation.

3. Take unsolicited parenting tips with a grain of salt

This is one of my most used best parenting tips for moms.

As a mom, there will be a time when you will need support and advice from a trusted friend or family member.

And that’s when you will ask for solicited advice or do your research through reading books, blogs listening to podcasts, etc.

But then.

Will also come the time when you will receive unsolicited advice, which we touch on in best parenting tips for mom #2.

When given unsolicited mom advice taking it with a grain of salt works wonders.

Not taking things personally allow us to live our best life. And the same concept applies when you are on the receiving end of unsolicited mom advice.

From the moment you sense those unwanted parenting tips coming in, you can pivot the conversations or completely “zone of” the preacher and enter into your buddle or zen state of mind, as I call it!

Don’t allow toxicity into your bubble.

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4. Don’t be afraid of losing yourself in motherhood

This is a design post with a quote to encourage moms to keep going. One of my best parenting tips for moms. It reads - often when you lose yourself. You will find yourself. Your authentic self, that is!

Sometimes you just have to lose yourself to find yourself.

At the beginning of my motherhood journey, I dove head in, and my kids surrounded my entire life. But if this wasn’t the case. I would not have found my passion. Nor would I have committed to my personal and self-love journey—both journeys which started because I lost myself in motherhood.

We all have seasons in our life. And with each season, we learn invaluable lessons.

Enjoy this season of life but don’t get stuck. Always have a willingness to grow and improve yourself with each passing day. Commit to your growth! Because you know deep in your heart.

That your growth is inevitable! And the only way to grow is to keep learning and investing in yourself.

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5. Celebrate other moms’ success

Comparison is deadly!

It deteriorates your confidence and will convince you that your ambitions are worthless.

Comparison will cheat you of your success. It will lie to you that you need to look a certain way, have specific qualifications or status in life to pursue your passions.

My friend, that’s far from the truth.

Know your worth and believe in yourself. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

Look at your life, appreciate it, and know that you can have anything you put your mind to. It’s not cliche! It’s proven that believing in your success and having a little faith will allow you to co-create your best life.

Embrace your identity and authentic self by pushing through comparison and convincing yourself that you can have it because you can!

Whenever you get those feelings of not being a good enough mom, you are experiencing a moment of unfulfillment and wanting to be the next-door mom.

Take a moment to acknowledge those emotions. And use that mom’s momentum, who you are comparing yourself to, to inspire you to keep going and become the best mom you possibly can be.

Don’t allow comparison to break you. Flip it around and use it as inspiration to keep the pace.

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6. Commit to starting a spiritual practice

With our busy lives. It’s so easy to forget to pray or give gratification to god/universe/source for granting us the things we have in our daily lives.

Even if you don’t see it now, you are so blessed!

As you wake in the morning, thank God/source/universe for gifting you an opportunity to see another day. Ask for support as you move through the rest of your day.

When your days seem dark and scary, ask for help and support from the master above us.

Many times we turn to the wrong places when we need help.

As mothers, being on a spiritual journey and trusting the process is so crucial to living our best life.

Your spiritual practice does not have to resemble anyone’s spiritual practices. Suppose mindfulness and meditation are not your things.

Please don’t force it! Find something that’s in alignment with you.

Something simple as setting a daily intention can be part of your spiritual journey.

Maybe consider going for a morning walk, writing in a journal, or saying a short prayer.

The important thing is to be true to yourself.

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How have my best parenting tips for mom supported me?

A light purple backdrop with flowers. A circle in the middle with the caption - 6 of my best parenting tips for moms. Things I wished I knew when I first became a mom.

In my early days of motherhood, I struggled with criticism and hoped everyone would recognize my efforts in being a “good mom.”

I got lost and corrupted by the naysayers and the unsolicited mom’s advice, which was quite demeaning.

Having been on this journey for nine years now, I know there’s a lot still to be learned. (Hello, teens years!)

Having these tips under my fingertips makes my motherhood journey much more effortless. And practice, patience, and consistency can do the same for you.

Commit to believing in yourself and your parenting skills.

Advocate for yourself and your kids, especially when those unsolicited moms’ advice is thrown your way. Take it with a grain of salt.

Trust the process and commit to a daily spiritual practice. At the same time, you choose to celebrate another mom’s success and use it as inspiration to keep the momentum in your journey.

Save this post to come back to at a later day when you’re having one of those low days. And please share this post with another mom who may find value in it.

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