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15 Best Advice For New Moms

As a new mom, you will feel overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with joy, pride, anxieties, pain, and fear! To help you navigate this sacred yet messy journey you are about to embark on. I have put together a list of parenting advice for new moms —the advice I wish I had when I first became a parent in 2013.

Here are 15 pieces of honest and best parenting advice that I truly believe you need right now in this early stage of your motherhood journey.

A mom cuddling her baby in a blanket in her arms. The caption on this photo reads - 15 best advice for new moms.

Let’s dive in!

15 Best Advice For New Moms

1. Respect and listen to your body

You may feel pressured to return to your pre-pregnancy body as a first-time mom.

It may appear some moms can do this faster than others. But in all actuality, your body will never really be the same as pre-pregnancy.

You’ve just given life to another being. How incredible is that?!

Right now, focus on appreciating your body for the beautiful gift it gave you.

Be compassionate and gentle with yourself. Don’t worry about fitting into your pre-pregnancy jeans.

Have patience and allow your body to heal. Respect your body when she indicates she needs rest, and take time to rest.

Take it, slow, mama!

Motherhood is not a race. It’s a journey.

Struggling to find time for yourself? You may find how to make time for yourself as a mom helpful. As well as make time for rest and relaxation without the guilt. 

2. Get some comfortable bras

Investing in comfortable maternity/nursing bras will save you so much discomfort.

Even if you are not breastfeeding, consider making this investment.

3. Trust your instinct

As a mom, you will know what is best for you, your family, and your kids.

Of course, you can seek advice from your mom, friends, and relatives. Podcasts and blogs (like you are doing now).

But the best place to seek advice when it comes to raising your child is to look within you and trust your instinct.

No one knows and will ever know your child the way you do. Allow yourself to be the expert in your child’s life because you are.

4. Embrace this season  of your life

Motherhood brings about massive changes for us as women. The things that once brought joy may no longer be because you have changed.

When you birth a baby, you birth a new identity—a new season of life.

Be kind to yourself as you learn this new identity of yours. Recognize the things you no longer identify with as priorities. Don’t be afraid of this new version of yourself. Or tweak it to please others.

Embrace this new identity of yours and season of life wholeheartedly and unapologetically.

5. Don’t compare your journey with another new mom

Society places a lot of pressure on moms to be and act in a certain way.

And if you don’t, you are shamed for it.

Don’t fall into the comparison trap and compare your parenting style with another mom.

Don’t compare your child’s milestones with another child’s.

Step into that new version of yourself. Be bold and relentless, and do motherhood your way. Leaving your legacy behind.

Comparison steals everything from us. If you are struggling with comparison, please visit this blog post on how to stop comparing yourself to other moms. 

6. Decide next step with career

Don’t wait until the end of your maternity to finalize where your career and return to work stands.

Will you be returning to work? Do you plan on staying home with your baby? Are you considering working from home?

Journal on these questions and figure out what you want as a mom and woman.

Discuss with your partner and employer.

Look at your finances. This can be a bit worrying, but figuring out this early on in your maternity will impact your family’s lifestyle.

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7. Seek help when needed

Asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak. It’s courageous!

No two days are the same in motherhood. Some days are rainbows and unicorns. And then other days are messy as hell!

On these messy days, you need to ask your family, partner, and friends for support.

Many times our loved ones are willing to help us. But if you don’t ask.  They will never know you need help.

Ask for what you want, and you shall receive.

Suppose you don’t have friends and family nearby. Reach out to your community, medical professional, and moms’ Facebook groups.

8. Politely say no thank you to unsolicited new mom’s advice

This is one piece of advice for new moms I wished I had as a new parent.

There’s no shortage of advice and opinions out there.

As a mother, you will quickly notice that advice will always be thrown your way. But here’s the good news!

You don’t always have to take them if they don’t serve you or align with your parenting goals.

When given unsolicited advice, you can politely say thank you and take everything said to you with a “grain of salt.”

When given solicited advice, make sure you feel comfortable with them. Don’t overwhelm yourself with every piece of parenting advice/tips and hacks you received. Because what works for one parent may not work for you. And what works for you may not work for another mama.

9. Live in the now as a new mom

As a new mom, you probably have a thousand thoughts racing through your mind.

You want to be all and do all!

But the hard truth is – you can’t!

You really can’t be the “do it all” mom. And you should not aspire to be the “do it all” mom.

Maybe that was the old paradigm of motherhood. But not anymore!

Soak up every minute you can in this season of life. Be present in the now and enjoy your baby. Witness your child’s growth and take the time to be present with yourself.

10. Have a sense of humor

Don’t get overworked or worry over the things you can’t control.

Yes, you will be learning some great skills over the next several years. But for now, give yourself some grace for not knowing it all or not having all the answers.

Laugh throughout your day. Share your silly moments in motherhood without shame. Love that you are making mistakes because these are the mistakes that will make you resilient and more assertive.

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11. Expect the unexpected. Be prepared

As I mentioned earlier, no two days of motherhood are the same.

Accepting this piece of parenting advice for new moms will allow you to give yourself grace when things don’t go as planned.

Some nights your baby will sleep through. Other nights your child will wake endlessly.

Some days you will feel great, and other days you won’t.

Expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything!

12. Always have your baby bag packed

This point ties in with expecting the unexpected. You never know when you will have to head out your doors.

Having a diaper bag packed with a snack bar for mom will save you time and make you feel organized. But do make sure to go through your diaper bag often, as babies can grow pretty fast. And we don’t want your child to outgrow a suit of clothes he’s never worn now, do we?!

13. Take as many photos as possible and back up your photos

How many pics do you have on your phone with your baby?

Hundreds, thousands?

Have you backed those photos up?

If you haven’t as yet. It’s something to consider because losing all of your child’s first pictures will be awful.

14. Do not sacrifice yourself in the name of motherhood

A quote that says motherhood is a journey not a race. One of the 15 piece of advice to new moms.

You can’t pour from an empty cup!

As a new mom, do not sacrifice yourself in the name of motherhood.

Make time for yourself. Give yourself the rest and care she needs and deserves.

You don’t have to wear sweats and mommy buns every day. (unless you truly want to!)

Wake up, shower, do your hair, and get dressed for your day,

Head outside and soak up nature. Connect with friends and family.

Suppose you crave some time away from your child. That’s okay! Don’t feel guilty or ashamed. Consider asking your mom or a trusted friend to help with the baby while you get some time for yourself.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, and it’s one every mom should enjoy. Whatever you do. Do not sacrifice yourself in the name of motherhood.

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15. Create a routine that works for you and your baby

Develop routines that fit comfortably into your day for your baby and you. Doing this will create structure in your day. Allowing you to move through your day with ease.

Finding the proper routines for baby and you will take trial and error. So don’t be afraid to rearrange things to meet your family’s demands.

Best Advice For New Moms Take-Aways

An image of a happy cheerful 2 year old running on a field. He is holding a green basket in his hand. The caption reads advice every new mom needs.

You have stepped into an incredible season of life. Motherhood!

While motherhood is not always sunshine, it will give you a new identity that will profoundly transform your life, allowing you to grow into a stronger and wiser woman.

As you embark on this new journey, give yourself some grace and compassion. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, and when you do, forgive yourself.

Don’t forget to grab the happiest mom ever cheat sheets.

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