Anasha standing with her legs crossed and hands on her hip smiling. The captions read hey there!

Just an imperfect mommy, sharing her two cents with other mommies.

Anasha standing with her legs crossed and hands on her hip smiling. The captions read hey there!


Each day, I continue to learn new things and invest in myself. I’m committed to growing personally and spiritually and living a meaningful and purposeful life.

My life’s work is dedicated to supporting and inspiring self-love, growth, and encouragement in moms worldwide, allowing them to enjoy the sacred journey of motherhood while embracing their ambitions without guilt. 

No matter where you are in your self-love, personal, and spiritual journey. I’m here to help you tap into your intuition. So you can unlock your true purpose and create the life you truly dream of – on your terms!

I don’t do burnout!

My mission is to help “do-it-all” mamas go from burnout and sacrificing their needs to feeling at peace with themselves, prioritizing their needs, and confidently embracing their ambition. 

Ditching the paradigm that moms need to self-sacrifice. And be one or the other. I want moms to feel free, fulfilled, and liberated. Knowing she can be everything and have the best of both worlds!

Growth is an integral part of life. It’s never easy!

Growth can be challenging; it can break you and make you cry like never before. But it can also help cultivate the next best version of you.

Growth can help you learn how to set boundaries and embrace your truth without guilt or fear of judgment. 

More About Me & What Mommy Wants

What Mommy Wants was created amid the 2020 global pandemic.

I aim to share my personal growth and unfiltered motherhood journey with as many moms as possible so they can transform their lives without guilt.



  • Certified Law of Attraction & Life coach
  • Certified Meditation & Mindfulness teacher
  • NLP Practitioner
  • 14+ years in business & accounting fields
  • Wife and mother of two
  • Aquarius


    Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate you and look forward to having you here with me.

    With so much love & gratitude 🖤🖤Anna.